My Activities Shopping in Traditional Markets.

Hi all Market Friday community friends this is the third time I join the "Market Friday" community.
First I want to thank the Admin @dswigle My special greetings to the Admin, I hope you are always healthy and also to all members, have a nice day.
In my post today I want to show you some pictures of buying and selling activities in the market where I live which I took last Friday.

So, today I want to tell you a little about the routine when I shop at the market where I live, it's been a few weeks I haven't shopped at the market, I see that the market situation has changed a lot and many new traders are renting kiosks and many shops say old traders no longer selling because in the last two years the buyers are quiet.

Towards the morning I got ready to go to the market to shop for some kitchen needs. Arriving at the market I immediately went around looking for the items I wanted to buy.
Lots of new sellers that I don't know.
After I bought everything I needed I rushed home to cook.

Kind regards

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