Market Friday After So Looonnnggg

I accompanied a friend shoe shopping today. She has flat feet and wanted special shoes for support as she starts her Zumba classes next week. The brand is called Ryka and their shoes are made specifically for women. They also specialise in customised in-soles for those who need support with their balance and feet.

As my friend went through the rigamarole of trying out the shoes, you'd think I'd walk around taking pictures of shoes to share for Market Friday, but I found these more fascinating.


This mock foot is to help customers understand as the sales staff explain our feet and the shoes. I had to find out about this flat feet business especially since my friend developed this later in life.

So he explains that we were built to run/walk barefoot on uneven ground. Since we wear shoes and are mostly walking on flat ground like the floor, some of our bodies compensate and adapt.

Of course, now I am wondering if we really will evolve into big-head-small-bodies in time with most of us plonked in front of the PC for hours - horror. Oooooh, big thumb and fingers too - eeeek.

An overly high arch which can also cause problems. Apparently this is me but so far, I am good.
Yikes... that's very flat feet which is what my friend has.
I am guessing, this must be the normal kind?

IMG_0042 2.JPG
After the shopping, she grabbed a coffee and I the first meal of the day.

Malls and shops that survived the lockdowns are back in full swing. It is time to entice customers to spend more money. Even though Halloween isn't really a celebration here, but most urbanites are up for a good Halloween party/get-together.

And with most restrictions lifted, the traffic is back, just like pre-lockdowns - sigh...

Looks like Market Friday posts will be possible again with more places to go and check out. :D

I do appreciate your time & being part of my story <33
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