Market Friday : Restaurant and Fast Food Spot

Hello everyone.
Thank God is Friday and it's time for #marketfriday.

Do you crave for yummy bread? I mean one that is so nice when eaten.
Or delicious foods and fast food?
If yes, then follow me let's pay a visit to my bread spot with lots of goodies.
We are here!!
Welcome to Hoeffers Restaurant and fast food.

Here you find delicious foods and fast food.
My favorite of all is bread, which goes for $1.72(#750) a loaf.
Well the price increased because of increase in flour price and other ingredients used in making bread.

Other things have their fixed prices, placed in the counter.
I was too focused on buying the bread that I forgot to take a picture of it.
The bread finishes first, because some transit drop their passengers there to get something before proceeding with their journey, and once that is done you will have to wait for some minutes.
Well I wasn't ready for that.

After buying two loaves of bread for $3.44(#1500).
I left the main building.
Outside the building, other things like shawarma, barbeque/suya and popcorn are sold. Each having it's spot.
The general name is Hoeffers special.

I was drawn to choose one out of the three, very tempting and hard decision.
I finally chose the popcorn spot.
Got one wrap for $0.69(#300).

I have enough to munch to.
Come and join me.

All photos are taken with my Android mobile phone

Thank you very much for reading.

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