Market Friday: Let's get food stuffs

Hello everyone, it's #marketFriday by @dswigle !!!.
Today I'm going to share my market experience.
The Market is located in Abia State, Nigeria. The market opens once a week,it rotates according to it's market day "Nkwo". This week own is on Friday.
The Christmas and new year celebration that comes with increase price rate of food stuffs is over.
This week food stuffs prices are fair enough (I must say reduced price), especially those produced in the area, though imported goods are still having the same price as before.
Every week I go to this market to buy food stuffs I use for the week, especially those you can get in cheaper price. Most vendors buy from this market, they add price to make their own profit once they resale to you.




There was little yams to buy last week, but I was very happy to see a lot of yams to buy this week.
You get to choose from a lot of available yams sold, buy more than 3 tubers and get 1 free. I must say this week is blessed with yam availability.

Having bought yam, the idea of getting things to cook porridge yam came.
Below is crayfish, the biggest portion is sold at #5000, the medium portion is #1000 and the smallest is #500, the prices of the crayfish increased.


The next photo is vegetable (pumpkin leaf, waterleaf and cucumbers).
The Pumpkin leaf is sold at #300 per bundle,the dry season made the price to be so.
Waterleaf #100 per bundle.
Cucumbers #200 per portion.


The photo below is stockfish generally called "cod" here, the prices are based on the mark written on the body which is determined by its size and weight.


Thank you for following me to the market. Let's go back for now. Till next time.
Thanks to @dswigle for the motivation and encouragement.

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