It pays to be persistent

[from yesterday]
I saw some signage that was deceptive, and I asked an employee I recognized about it.
It showed info about a coupon for fuel points and in VERY TINY LETTERING, stated that it expired on 8/9


Turns out she works primarily at the gas pumps. She had no answer for me, but she went OUT OF HER WAY to ask the manager about it, the two of them caught up with me before I left the store.


So I would like to send up KUDOS and thanks to DEENA from the fuel station for going above and beyond to get me the points that were not even really available.
(the above was included in my customer survey, so that Deena will get some recognition, and possibly some funds?)
The New manager gave them to me because that sign should have been removed long ago.
(the screen shot is my current fuel point balance. the 54 yesterday (Circled in Green) was my purchase, the 200 (circled in Red) yesterday was those points from the manager, the 50 (in dark blue) today was the bonus I got today for filling out a customer survey.
My total as of now is also circled in blue: 917 points.
So if I don't buy anything more before the end of the month, that is $0.90 per gallon discount I can count on, or I can take part now and part later, as long as it is before the end of Sept.
It PAYS to persevere.)

One of my acquaintances in you know where when I posted this, commented that "I am a Kroger Fan"
Unable to resist, I scalped and modified this image


I then related this story from my younger days to explain that image:

I couldn't resist. The first ♫♪Music group♫♪ I was in post USAF was in Tucson AZ.
One afternoon we were setting up in a very small bar.
The back door to the outside was next to the door to the bathroom, we had a fan like that above sitting in a chair blowing on us while setting up.
A patron came out of the john, passing the appliance, pointed and said:
"Oh! Is that one of your FANS?" I thought to myself, 'well of course it is ours'
It wasn't until way later that I realized he was making a punny.
Thanks for reminding me @dswigle

"The rewards of persistence"

Jerry E Smith
I took the photos of the signs with my cellphone. The fan is stolen from Google images, of A brand of fan sold at Kroger, where I Modified it, removing the brand name And substituting the name Kroger For the purposes of Humor


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