Let's have fun at Kids Paradise

December 16, 2022

The happiness of a child is immeasurable as a wish is being granted.

It is my son's wish for a long time to visit and play at Kids Paradise located at Gaisano Grand Polomolok. He seen a lot of pictures of his friends, classmates and cousins enjoying the playground.

He keeps on telling me, mama (in our local dialect which means mother), can we visit there too? I wanted to play there too mama. As a mother, I really wanted to grant his wish as soonest possible time but sometimes budget and time won't allow. I and my husband were also hesitant to let him play in that kind of playground because we thought that many children were playing there, we don't know that some have skin rushes or might be have some diseases that can be transferred to other children. This fear was born when I saw a post in one of the social media before stating that their child had a hand, foot and mouth disease after playing in such a playground.

We don't know how they sanitize the place. This is a question in my mind that I also forgot to ask yesterday, lol.

Last Tuesday, I told my son to share his Bible memory verses in School the next day during their Christmas party as part of the intermission number. This is not common in a Christmas party because we usually see children dancing or singing. I am an appointed emcee that day so I explain to them that I let my son share his Bible memory verses to encourage parents that we also need to help our children's spiritual life grow.

My son was hesitant as might be he felt shy. I told him that if he will share his 12 memory verses in school we will visit the Kids Paradise the next day Wednesday. His eyes got bigger and think for a while and then he said yes.

During their Christmas party, he then stand and enumerate his 12 memory verses as I called his name. Oh! I really need to fulfill my promise.

Wednesday afternoon, that's the time that we should visit Kids Paradise but we had an important appointment. We attended a funeral service where our church handled the program. So, we were not able to visit that playground in the planned day.

Yesterday, it was raining almost the whole day. When his father arrived from work at about 3:10 in the afternoon it is still raining (but not heavy) but he still insists that we will go. We had our chocolate drink first and fortunately the rain stops and we were able to go.

My son is so happy and as we ride our tricycle he keeps on telling, Mama, Papa I am so excited.

Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise is the only playground for kids at Gaisano Grand Polomolok. It is my son's first time to play here as well as my first time too, lol.

When we reached there, an attendant welcome us and I told her that I will just let my son play for 30 minutes. We need to pay 80.00 ($1.6) for 30 minutes. The attendant asked if my son is wearing socks and I said yes. She then asked if who will attend to my son and I said it's me. She asked if I have socks too and Oh I don't have because I just wore sandals. She then offered a socks for sale that cost 30.00 ($0.6). I have no choice but to buy one pair for me. So all in all I paid 110.00 ($2.2).

The attendant put #46 in my son's shirt as this is his kids number. My son remove his shoes and proceed inside. Oh he is smiling so big as he look around and seems can't decide where to go first. I told him that he will enjoy every moment because there is a time limit for playing inside. I just reasoned out that time limit is given to give way for other children to play and then he nod.

He first went to this one, the biggest, with slide and a lot of balls which he taught balloons as he saw in the pictures.

At first he don't know how to walk along with the balls as he is afraid to step into it. Then I told him to walk without removing his feet on the ground. I acted and then he followed.

On the right side, there is an easy stairs going up and then kids could slide.

On the left side, there is more challenging stairs going up where my son also tried.

The wide front of it is full of small white, yellow and some blue balls where kids enjoy so much.They can lay down on it. They can do like swimming. They can play with balls. This spot is the highlight of Kids Paradise where kids enjoy the most.

In this place, kids find new friends to play with too.

Kids also loves the wide slide where they can slide together. My son loves it very much that he keeps on smiling and laughing.

Up above the slides you can see colorful things in circle that made the place more colorful.

This little door is the entrance to the area where kids can jump all along.

My son sweat a lot because of this jumping thing. He jumped and even tried to sit and lay down on this area trying different things if it works, lol.

My son also visited police station where he just sits there, look around and leave.

He also visit the hospital where he found a naked baby doll. He laugh and said to me that the baby don't have clothes. He didn't stay long here too.

He also went to the supermarket where he finds a lot of fruits and vegetables toys.

He also went to a table full of toys in different shapes and colors. There were small blocks/lego toys to be arranged. He tried some but didn't last long there.

He also rode this bicycle. He tried the pedal and was amazed that it made the round bike go round. He enjoys in this are too and he stayed a little longer than others.

On the other side he found these very big lego toys. He tried to connect some and leave, lol.

I spotted this decorations in the upper part of the playground. I like it as they have different colors that makes the place more colorful and inviting.

This is the only toy that my son never had a chance to visit/play because someone is still playing with it.

Before our time ended, I spotted this staff cleaning the upper portion of the play area. Atleast I saw them cleaning or sanitizing the place.

These are the staff/attendants' place where they monitored the time we consumed and called our number and name as our time elapsed.

When our number is called, I called my son and told him that the time is over so we need to go out. Fortunately he followed and I don't had a hard time letting him stop playing.

It was a great 30 minutes of his time. He enjoyed playing not just because he was there but because his long time wish was granted and a mother's promised was fulfilled.

All photos are mine.

This is my participation for the #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle. I hope you enjoy Kids Paradise as I shared the pictures and moments of our son.

Thank you for reading.

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