Family dinner at Montealto Kamayan

Eating outside is unusual in our family. We consider it as expensive and it is not included in our budget. I can still count in my fingers how many times we eat outside. It seldom happens and if that time comes, I am happy and so is my son.

One day when we were riding on our tricycle, we thought that we were going home straight but the road that my husband drove is a different route. I asked him where we are going? He is just smiling and answers incorrectly until I get an idea that we are going to a restaurant.

He brought us to Montealto Kamayan. Kamayan is a Tagalog term which means
eating with bare hands. It is located along the national highway, Polomolok South Cotabato. This is one among the known restaurants in our Municipality.

You can see this signage along the highway. This will inform you that you're now at Montealto Kamayan.

At the front, I thought their area was so small because I can only see like two stalls.

My husband proceeds to the counter and chooses what to order.

Here is the list of their menus and different foods and drinks they offer.

On the left side you can find this area that sells different food like chips, chocolate, candies and many more.

My husband then guided us to the inner part of the restaurant and there I found that they have a spacious area inside.

You can see this painting about Mt. Matutum on the wall. This is the highest peak of South Cotabato.

There is also a painting about Lake Sebu. This is one among the best tourist attractions of South Cotabato.

We can see this small garden along the way decorated with a water fountain and a beautiful painting along the wall.

Going in, this wonderful view welcomes us.

We didn't miss the chance to have a picture on this place. The light used for decoration made the place so bright.

Since we are still waiting for our order, I take the chance to explore the place.

This is their simple hut, the table and chairs are made of bamboos. It looks simple yet net and clean.

They also have a little swing made of bamboo. My son can't stop himself but to try and experience swinging here.

There are small alive bamboos that serves as decoration around the place. I am amazed that they didn't grow so big and tall like other bamboos.

Walking towards the most inner part, I found bigger tables for big families or circle of friends.

I like their native design as almost everything is made of bamboos and wood.

This is what you find on the left side. You can choose being here if you want to have a semi private place because only few people are passing by in this place.

I also found this fountain in different colors posted in different corners of the restaurant.

I am also amazed to find this billiard table on the small area in the corner.

After walking around, we go back to our table and have our family time.

We then wash our hands and be ready for a Kamayan (eating with bare hands).

We are happy when our order arrives.

2 pieces chicken Inasal (unli rice) 236.00
1 bihon 99.00
1 halo-halo (bowl) 55.00
1 iced tea (pitcher) 40.00
Total: 430.00 or $8.6

We had a sumptuous meal and we didn't forget to thank God for the blessings we received and to my husband who decided to treat us to dinner.

Before going home, I also entered their comfort room. I am amazed because it is so colorful.

I also noticed that they have three rooms, one for ladies, one for LGBT and one for men. This is the first facility I saw that a comfort room had a specific room for LGBT.

It was a great time for our family. The food is delicious, the place is amazing and the staff are hospitable. They greeted the customers upon coming and said thank you for coming when we left.

This is my participation for the #marketfriday by @dswigle.

Thank you so much for reading. If you happened to visit Polomolok, South Cotabato, Montealto Kamayan is a good place to dine in.

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep safe.

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