Different Pets at Pet Empire

Fish is a pet or food to others, a friend and a family to some.

Chances seldom comes, so when the teacher of my son announced that we will visit Pet Empire as one of the kids field trip, I then decided to go with the team.

Pet Empire is just a few meters away from our village so I and my co-parents decided that we will just take a walk going there. It will help us to save 15.00 or $0.3 fare for one way.

It was around eight o'clock this morning when we started to hike and in less than 30 minutes we reached our destination.

We then pay our entrance fee. We pay 30.00 or $0.6 for adult and 20.00 or $0.4 for children 12 years old below.

While we are still listing our names, kids already run inside, they are so excited.

We first visit the area where the fishes are located. Wow! There were different kinds of fish. You cannot stop looking from one to another.

There were small fishes in different colors. Kids really enjoyed watching them swimming back and forth, going up and down and sometimes it seems the fishes wants to play with them.

We also found a bigger fishes in size. As we look at them some of the parents said that it seems so good to be cooked, lol. Some of the species can be found in the market and it is so pricey but it seems much more pricey being as pet, lol.

When you are a fish pet lover you can buy some. Check the prices in pesos and just convert it to dollar. As of writing $1 is equal to 53.00.

Here are the fishes for sale.

They also have some things needed for the pets like these:

Oh those plastic flowers is worth 299.00 or $5.98.

Aside from fishes you can also find different pets at Pet Empire.

They also have this monkey who seems angry being there for a long time and wanted to be with his family in the jungle.

They also have this ostrich who seems so old.

We also found different snake in different colors and length. Oh some kids were afraid to go nearer to it's cage.

They also have some mice. Oh they look so many in this cage.

They also have rabbits.

We also found some chickens.

We also found a pair of cockatiel. We tried to say good morning and wanting to hear them talking but we didn't hear any then the stuff told us that it is not a talking parrot but it is just a cockatiel.

We also found this Central bearded dragon who wanted to get out. Some parents and most of the kids were afraid thinking that it will jump towards them.

They also have garden and playground (to be posted in different article.)

That's a part of our field trip. Yes it is our field trip, though it is kids field trip but no wonder, parents also enjoyed in that trip at Pet Empire.

If you're near here, you can also visit this place to relax, unwind, enjoy and also buy some pets you like.

All photos are mine.

This is also my participation for #marketfriday initiated by @dswigle.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you also enjoyed this walk. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. I hope to see you again in my next blog.

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