Space Shopping At The Passage

3D puzzle illumating wooden globe

June 16, 2023

I thought I had no entry for today's #MarketFriday, and I even said that to @dswigle. But as I scanned back through an album in my gallery, I found these photos taken at the Space Museum souvenir shop.

So in today's Market Friday, I'll take you to the Passage, the souvenir shop I came across after my walk in outer space at Space Museum. This post was actually just the first part, as the blog about the other space gallery is yet to be shared. You'll read it one of these days.

Given that this souvenir shop is located within the Space Museum, You can probably guess what products are on display. They are, of course, Space Science and Astronomy-inspired items.

There are different space shuttle models. Some are even replicas of real space shuttles that had landed in space at different times. Most of the models on display are replicas of those launched in China. There are also globes in different colors and shapes, as well as models of other planets in the solar system.

Among all the globes, my favorite was the 3D puzzle luminous wooden globe. It would be fun to assemble the pieces and explore the world even in the dark, as it can be lit up. It is definitely a perfect gift item and even a room decor.

The astronaut pen stand is cute, and I want to have one. And of course, if there are space pen stands, there are space pens as well. The Fisher space pen is truly made to be used by astronauts. Some have Star Wars designs that any fan of the film might love to have. There are phone stands too with half-moon designs, and galaxy mugs with constellation designs.

I would love to have a planetarium or solar system projector in my room. I can imagine it projecting the planets, the galaxy, or outer space. I am actually looking for a nightlight sky projection lamp, as I truly want to have one for my room. I've been seeing some online, but the reality is always different from expectations. So it would be better to buy them in physical stores to make the money worth it.

Items here are not just related to Space Science and Astronomy, but also to Life Science. The shop is also selling anatomy models, even dinosaur models, and toys are also available. I have not been able to take photos of others, but they are definitely interesting. There are Science related books, coloring books for kids, stationery, puzzle cards, key chains, toys, even Legos, and a lot more.

It was just a small shop, but the items are interesting. Prices are reasonably high, but for sure, they are worth buying, especially for collectors of Space Science and Astronomy related items.

That concludes my #MarketFriday. Advance happy weekend everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

(All photos are mine)



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