Lower CO2 Emissions Products At Central Farmer's Market and The Huge Observations Wheel

September 16, 2022

I haven't walked along the Central Pier in a long time. I went to a Summer Fest last Sunday, and because I couldn't find the exact entrance to the venue, I decided to wander around before going to where I wanted to visit. Then I came across a market which is perfect for #MarketFriday of @dswigle. And there I learned interesting facts about the market.

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When I first arrived in Hong Kong, Central was my favorite place to spend time every holiday, especially on Sundays, and it serves as a gathering place for many Filipinos. You would see hundreds of Filipinos in groups gathering at different corners of the city as you walk along different streets in Central Hong Kong. The majority of them are near the pier.


After crossing the footbridge to the pier, I came across the Central Farmer's Market, which I had almost forgotten about. I remembered I used to pass by here when going to an urban park, and often stop over to check what products are on display.


This market is only open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The products on display in this market are organic farm produce from local farmers, as well as local handicrafts. All are healthier, more environmentally friendly products with lower CO2 emissions. This promotes "Good Life Sundays," as seen in the photo below.


The Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden organized this weekly event in coordination with other HK organizations and ferry management.

The main goal of this event, according to its website is to create a fair trade platform for consumers, farmers, and enterprises. To promote the local economy to protect the environment. Encourage people to buy local organic produce as a pledge to reduce CO2 emissions and live a healthier life.


Residents and tourists are supporting this event. Apart from the fact that products are healthier, it is also a great way to support local farmers as some are struggling to make a living in this expensive country.


Organic products are understandably more expensive than those found in supermarkets. But don't worry, these are safer and healthier. Vegetables and fruits come in different varieties, allowing consumers to make their own selections.


I was curious about this purple-colored product. And, according to Google, it's butterfly pea, which has incredible health benefits. This is most likely for Chinese herbal medicines. On the right of it is banana bud. I missed eating banana bud recipe my mother usually cook in coconut milk.


This native dummy farmer volunteer was selling eco-friendly handicrafts when I came across him. Those vegetable-shaped toys, as well as the dummy, are adorable.


Some staff is stationed at the corner to assist and answer questions. There is also a first-aid station that can help in case of emergency. The website is also available to see the list of the farmers participating in the event, the organizers, and more things to know about Central Farmer's Market.


Apart from the farmer's market, there are other activities available at the pier. The viewing deck provides a beautiful view of the harbor, as well as the outlying islands and the boats that enter and exit the pier.



A photo booth is just a few steps away for those who want to take souvenir photos of the popular observation wheel against the backdrop of Hong Kong's second tallest building.



There are various gowns, costumes, and photographers in the area, and prices vary depending on the styles and sizes of the souvenir photo and the costume a customer desires.


Wedding gowns and traditional Chinese dresses are available.


There is also a suitable area for children. The bicycle section allows children to rent bicycles and ride them on the wide platform.


Not just kids, but there are bicycles for adults too. Parents and kids definitely love this. And I must try this one too next time.


That's all for today's #MarketFriday.
Advance happy weekend 😊

(All photos are mine)



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