Loveramics and PAP Studio (Connecting People Through Art)

March 2023

"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."

-Stella Adler

Life isn't easy. It always throws challenges that could beat us down. However, life is also beautiful. We just have to be tough and rather spend it meaningfully. Let's thank God it's Friday, thus, another week's challenges have been surpassed. And every Friday reminds me #MarketFriday Community founded by @dswigle.

The quote above was inspired by Loveramics, the shop I discovered while wandering around Tai Kwun one Sunday. There is indeed something beautiful that we can discover when exploring new places. The last time I visited Tai Kwun, I was unable to locate the way up to the balcony of this heritage site. Until last Sunday, I followed the direction to shops and that's when I discovered the place I was looking for before.


While walking along the hallway, I stumbled upon different shops, an art gallery, and workshop centers. One of those was the Loveramics.


As I entered the shop, I soon developed a likeness of the displayed items, the concept of the shop, and every story written in different corners.


From the shop's tagline, "A love for ceramics," Loveramics is a shop for custom-made quality ceramics such as tableware, glassware, cutlery, coffee, and tea set, recognized internationally. Each item shows a balance between the simplicity and functionality that anyone would adore.


Here are some of the ceramic sets carefully made with passion.

Matte dark green


Willow love story

Its newest pro tea collection, the kyusu teapot was inspired by a Japanese teapot traditionally used for brewing green tea.

And more tea brewers. This type can also be used to brew coffee bags. Don't you think so? I initially thought it was for coffee until I saw a tea bag on the side.


To ensure the durability and longevity of each item, porcelains are fired to 1300° before applying colored glazed glasses.



All Loveramics products are made from natural raw materials and curated well before being packed and they comply with modern safety food standards.



Aside from ceramics and tableware, there are porcelain nomad doubled wall mugs as well in different colors which you could bring wherever you want to. These are also made from natural materials and are free from metals and plastics, thus, less carbon footprint.


I found out that there are workshops for ceramic designing in Loveramics good for beginners and art and ceramic lovers. Adults and even kids are welcome to participate. Whether you are in a group or solo, you surely will be connected with everyone through art.


From Loveramics, I visited other art shops and came across the PAP Studio. I was stunned by the aesthetic lamps and mosaic with artistic Turkish designs.


Just like the previous shop, PAP Studio's items are carefully handcrafted using eco-friendly raw materials, some are exotic and imported worldwide.


Those unique contemporary designs really catch anyone's attention passing by the shop. There aren't just lamps but as well as other home decors that are perfect as gift items.



The PAP also offers workshops for aspiring artisans that embrace craftsmanship. In collaboration within the atelier, the participants can freely unleash their creativity and art skills while learning traditional mosaic art techniques and sharing unique art ideas.


Both the Loveramics and PAP Studio items were crafted carefully to ensure quality products for the customer's best experience. In relation to the quote above, just like how those products are molded artistically, we, humans, have also been molded by experiences. What we have and who we are today are the byproduct of our experiences and perseverance in facing life challenges. And those artworks remind us that we have beautiful souls. So keep going and stay positive no matter what happens.

That concludes my Market Friday and I hope you also have learned some thoughts to ponder.

Happy weekend.



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