Window Shopping At Stanley Market

October 21, 2022

Every town's market has something interesting to offer, and that's where I go when I'm in a new place. Furthermore, a bustling town is not the same as a bustling city. You will not feel the chaos, but rather amused by the idyllic rural lifestyle and distinctive products that set it apart from other markets.


Here's another #MarketFriday blog and I know @dswigle will like the place.

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On one Sunday, I went to Stanley for the first time. It's a well-known place in Hong Kong that attracts a large number of tourists and travelers, both local and foreign. The weather was perfect for a stroll, and there were many visitors in town, including those taking photos behind me.

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When I first arrived in town, the market was the first thing I noticed. This street appears to be peaceful, but as I entered the inner part, there were more people, tourists, buyers, and window shoppers.


When I first arrived in town, the market was the first thing I noticed. This street appears to be peaceful, but as I entered the inner part, there were more people, tourists, buyers, and window shoppers.


These were just some of the stalls on the street I have taken photos. There were paintings, postcards, souvenir products, different garments, like summer dresses, and accessories, mostly for ladies. And given that there are beaches in this town, swimming garments are being sold here as well.


I continued straight and was astounded by the sheer number of stores along the covered street. This outdoor market is more of a collection of shops and stalls. And, just like in traditional markets, some products can be bargained for at reasonable prices.


There's a wide variety of Chinese and Western souvenirs, accessories, housewares, garments, toys, and even different crafts and paintings.

The shop below is selling different lacquerware perfect as gift items, and home decorations. Products look elegant but reasonably priced.

Not only summer dresses for ladies are being sold here, but there are also shops selling casual to formal dresses for ladies, including accessories, bags, and other apparel.


Meanwhile, this shop is selling authentic and high-quality leather bags, wallets, and accessories for both men and women,


On the other side is this shop selling ladies' garments, and beautiful hand-crafted native bags and accessories.


There's also an outlet shop selling different clothes of good quality at affordable prices, for all genders, young and old.


Another shop selling fashioned bags and clothes, mostly for men.


The Giftu Concept shop, from the name itself, is selling gift items, toys, and others, specially made for kids. The items can be for adults too.


This shop is selling kitchenware, vases, and home decorations. There are porcelain mugs, plates, vases, wine glasses, vases, figurines, utensils, and others. Even masks are sold here.


This shop selling toys and gift items seems excited for Halloween. You can tell by looking at Halloween items displayed outside the shop. There are costumes too perfect for the anticipated event in November.


For those looking for Chinese-inspired souvenirs, home decor, and gift items, this shop is perfect for them. There are frames, vases, lamps, figurines, lanterns, boxes, and even Chinese lucky charms.


And different cards and paintings that can be displayed at home.


At the far end of the market are shops selling electrical items, like gadgets, speakers, microphones, and phone accessories, as well as toys, beach bags, and other gift items.


Above all the shops in this market, I am most fond of the art galleries. This market has many art shops, and some paintings are even painted right in the shops. Customers can also specify the style of customized paintings they desire. But, of course, the cost is different.


In fact, at the end of this market is an art-sharing school where anyone, including kids, can attend art workshops with corresponding fees. There's a workshop for paint jamming, oasis, epoxy resin, jesmonite art or home decor making, and journal binding.


After exploring the market, visitors can make their way to the waterfront to see more tourist attractions.


The market says to open from 10 in the morning until around 7 in the evening. Since this town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong, the market can be crowded, especially during public holidays. It was such a nice window shopping and sightseeing, and a new experience in a new town. Another place on my bucket list has been visited šŸ˜Š.

You can check out Murray House which is one of the attractions in this town.

(All photos are mine)



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