Looking for New Footwear at Eiger Adventure Store


Hello everyone, how are you guys today? May we all always be given health, patience and also happiness in living this life. Many people say that these three things are related to each other, patience can bring mental health and the effect will make it easier for us to find happiness. There are many ways for humans to find happiness. Shopping may be one of them.

This time, I want to participate in this Friday Market community we love. Maybe, this is my first time contributing to this community, but hopefully I can stay consistent to continue contributing to this community. If you want to find out about #marketfriday we can see the last post from @dswigle to see the rules for posts from this community. This time, I want to share my experience when buying a slipper at an outdoor market store in my city.

Eiger Adventure Store


Everyone in the world must have experienced damage to the shoes or sandals they use, I have also experienced that, when my sandals were damaged because they seemed old and overused. I think it's time for me to look for new sandals or footwear for my daily use. I have my own style when looking for something related to fashion. I prefer clothes, shoes, or sandals that have an adventure style because of that, I came to Eiger Adventure Store Setiabudi Medan, which is the largest outdoor store market in my city.


Various adventure items are available and sold here, such as tents, adventure clothes, casual clothes, wallets, bags, axes, etc. In addition to selling various adventure equipment, currently Eiger also sells various products or outfits that can be used daily. I am one of the people who use products from Eiger. I have wallets, bags, glasses, and sandals from the Eiger brand, I have an emotional attachment and memories with Eiger as a product and me as a consumer.




I have been using products from this brand since I was 12 years old. When I entered junior high school, my father bought me a school bag. The bag was quite expensive in that era and it was the first time I saw a bag with the Eiger brand, the shape was very ordinary and the model seemed too old for me to use. I whined for another bag, but my father said he would buy another bag if the eiger bag broke. Unfortunately, the bag didn't break until I entered high school. Those memories form an impression and affirmation to me, if you want a product that is strong and durable, make sure to use items from Eiger.

The Eiger Adventure Store at Setia Budi Street Medan has been around since 2018. Previously, Eiger did not have its own store and the seller's strategy was to entrust their products to be sold in various markets. Today, as the company grows and the demand from the public increases, Eiger already has its own cool and big shop.

Looking for New Footwear


I tried to go around this shop. I found a lot of cool footwear choices from sandals, slippers or shoes. I want to look for foot ware that is more casual and comfortable to wear and looks neat when I travel.

My eyes fell on one black slipper product. I see the slipper is very cool, elegant and also looks manly. The slipper is black with a white underside. I love the combination of these two colors, black and white are my two favorite colors. But unfortunately, the price is slightly above the budget I have.



The slipper is priced at IDR 438,000,- (29.3 USD) and this price is quite expensive for many people in my country. My previous sandals were less than half the price of this new foot ware. After I saw my account balance, and discussed with my wife, I finally bought this slipper. I think, the high price is also proportional to the quality and durability of the slipper. I hope and pray that these footwear can last when I wear it and last for a long time.

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