Fridays can be fun but stressful at the same time. By this time last week, I went with my sister and her husband to the market to get some food stuffs for the house. It was a sunny Friday and it was really dusty and dry at the market. We drove there and we parked the car at a side and used our legs for the walk inside the market. The Oko market is a big market in Asaba and things are a lot cheaper there than in other markets and that's why we went there.


It was my first time in the market so I just kept following the footsteps of my brother-in-law so I don't over walk, hehe. It was a fun experience for me though stressful and I think for them too because we had some really interesting experiences while trying to get all the things we needed. Just when we thought things were going to be cheaper at the market like I mentioned earlier, it was as if the price of things were even doubled, buying became a bit hard because we had our budget going there.


First, we went inside the market to look for a good beef (cow meat) to buy and we found one that was quite cheap and big too, after bargaining we asked the man to cut it for us. We then went to get crayfish and grounded melon since we had plans of preparing Egusi soup (fried melon soup). The melon was a bit expensive but we still bought the quantity we needed and then we went to get fish too which we needed in preparing stew too.


While we were going to get palm oil, we saw a lady selling star orange popularly called cherry. I convinced my sister to get some because they looked nice but it wasn't so nice after all. We were able to get basically all the things we needed inside the market and we headed back to the start of the market to get fresh tomatoes and fresh pepper because that was the major place where we could see them more.

There was a particular man we wanted to patronize but his price was way too higher than we expected so my sister and I decided to go to somewhere else to bargain the price and we were able to get it at a very cheaper price. You needed to see how happy we were because we were already worried we won't see it at the price we wanted but we did.


Going round the market was quite exposing but it was so stressful because the market was filled with so many people and it was a really hot day. The market looked so unkempt too and I was a bit not comfortable with it but when I realized I had only few hours to spend there, I just tried comporting myself so I don't draw any attention to myself. Finally we got all we needed and we went back home.

Oh right! While we were on our way back from the market, had to go to the bank to deposit some money and after that we went to visit my sister's Father in-law. The journey was quite stressful but it was all worth it in the end. We prepared our food and ate something really nice that evening. I didn't take any pictures of the food because at that point I was already tired and all that was in my mind was how to eat, make a post, take a cold bath and rest!

So that's all for this market blog, I did a video to summarize all that happened at the market and I hope you do enjoy watching it 🥰.

All Images used are mine

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