Today's market was an intense one.

Hello friends of #marketFriday, this is an initiative created by @dswigle to talk about your experience about the market you went to every Friday.Ever since I went to the market I have never which is has this stressful and so demanding before. I traveled some days ago and I was chance to go out to the market when I got to where I was going to and then I proceeded to the market where I went to get some food stuff at home.

Before heading to the market I was making some suggestion of things to buy but as I gradually list them in the book, then I noticed that what I am going to buy will cost much money than expected so I just have to let go of something things and go for the necessities..

According to the normal routine which is going to the market to buy the normal food stuff in the house like rice, beans, spaghetti, groundnut oil, palm oil and many others. But when I added the amount of money I will spend it was going beyond normal because I was not budgeting to spend much on getting my food stuff just because there is inflation everywhere..

The market, I had to reschedule things and I went to buy some things another way but then I still got the normal rice beans and the others.. I was so shocked when I got to the market yesterday because yesterday was a market day and a lot of sellers will come out to sell their groceries and they expect people to come out to buy but then things were not in the way which I have expected it to be because people were not really by him things..

So the little things I was able to buy cost me about $50 approximately. So after I have gotten everything that I needed, I got a basket which I will be using for separating dirty particles from food materials but then in the rush to go back home, I forgot it where I was buying but I paid them without taking what I paid for so when I got home,I remember that I didn't pick it up and ran back to the market again with the nearest taxi I saw and I got it back.

But trust me the market was a very stressful one today and I will have to rest well from the stress which I had gone through..

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