My market Friday experience

Hello everyone it feels good to be back here today been the first time I am posting on the market Friday community.. I came across the post from @dswigle talking about how she spent her time in the sporting goods store which I fell in love with so then I decided to check the community and see how it is run and then I saw that she created the community for everyone who loves to go to the market to buy stoves and exchange money in exchange for goods and some other things and that is why I decided to go out today to get some groceries which intended buying before and to share to the community.

Market is a fun place to be because you tend to see a lot of different things newly invented and the ones that has been in existence for some time which you might not really know about.. Going to the market today, I went to a lot of stores which they sell different kinds of foodstuffs but market is not moving as usual just because of inflation and money scarcity in the country..

I started my toure in the market around 2 p.m. and it got to my notice that most of the sellers are not right in their store again and I was forced to ask my friend we went together what went wrong just because I was not around to witness the incident..

I was told that the government gave mandates to all the seller's who are selling right in the market to evacuate they are current position just because the market wants to be renovated by the government and then every market seller will have to pay some amount of money to secure a shop in the market again after the renovation of the new market..

Following the market day, much people were suppose to be in the market buying and selling off different product and produce but things were not like that this time rather people were few in the market and you can see that it tells in the face of the sellers that they are not motivated with the situation of things and also but then, there were a lot of things to buy, but there was not money to buy and there is much inflation...

After a whole lot of walking, I was able to buy some fisheries which I already uploaded the picture at the beginning of this post.. Marketing is always fun when you have money and when you have what to buy...

CameraPoco X3 Pro
PictureBy myself
EventSummer market day
LocationOgun state Nigeria

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