Market Friday - Shopping at CU Mart!!!

#marketfriday is an initiative by @dswigle who has gathered a huge community on Hive into showcasing different types of markets and fairs on Hive. She has brought so much life into the usual marketing and helped us bloggers to find markets interesting again.

Today I want to bring us to a Korean mart in Malaysia which is actually a chain franchise.

CU Mart

It is a Korean Convenient Store. CU comes from See You, I believe, what a friendly name, don't you think so? This convenient store chain blooms like mushrooms everywhere in Malaysia, out of a sudden like Family Mart.

Because I am one that likes to explore and see new snacks from elsewhere other than Malaysia, convenient stores like this attracts me. I also wrote about one from China called before and now this CU Mart is the Korean version of such marts!

Its slogan claims that it is Korean's No. 1 Convenient Store!

I am not that accustomed to this mart though I have been to another outlet previously under my friend's place. I have watched a YouTuber from Korean who resides in Malaysia currently, reviewed some food from CU Mart and find them rather authentic. So I guess we can trust a Korean who stays here right?

Anyway.... without further ado, let me walk you into the mart!!!

I was greeted by this wall of "fame", oops I mean Wall of Instant Noodles. We can choose and cook the noodles here and then have it at the seats they provide too.

Underneath the noodles' "wall of fame" is a lot of ice-creams in their open chest freezer.

Ready to Eat Section

I came here with my sister who wanted to buy kimbap (Korean sushi rolls) for our supposed upcoming picnic. She is more familiar with this mart because she knows the Korean culture and trends more than me.

They sell other food as well like some spaghetti and chicken chop rice, ready to be heated and consumed.

There are also some onigiri (triangular shaped rice with seaweed wrapped around it) ready-made to be grabbed on the go.

Besides that, there are also desserts like cream puffs and slices of cakes.

Next to the food section on the open chiller are the chilled beverages. Lots of lots of them! Some are drinks we can find in Malaysia but there are also some more special ones from Korea.

Followed by now the chillers with door that displays even more drinks like sparkling juices and even some with konjac jelly in them.

Let's move to their dry snacks area.

I see some of my favorite Freeze Dried Yogurt Bites.

More chips and candies and chocolates.

Some mixed nuts as well.

CU Mart sells fresh food as well. My sister said their corn dogs are rather famous but I was too full from lunch so I did not try them.

This is how their cashier area look like and there is menu displayed to order any of their frappe or sundae ice-cream.

They have a small kitchen area to heat up the food we order.

Oden is also sold here. I would like a bowl of this on rainy days man.

Then I spotted them selling some instant flat noodles from China too before I left the shop.

We bought some drinks and kimbap in view of the picnic which got canceled later due to heavy rain though Inwas so ready to go for it. One of them is this Kombucha drink I bought. It is pomegranate- flavoured, interesting huh? Have always wanted to try kombucha which in fermented black tea that has prebiotic and probiotics in it. Mine has a very fantadtadtic name called I am alive!!!

All descriptions in Korean and I cannot read Korean. Sorry I cannot translate or interpret any of the descriptions for you and myself.

Well then we bid this mart goodbye and CU!!! Hahaha get it?? See you again in the next #marketfriday!!! Thanks for touring this mart with me. Though it is not a big mart, it still has many interesting things to look at.

Nice to CU!!! Nice to see you!

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