What can I buy in a Ukrainian supermarket for $ 10?

Hello everyone! This is my second post for the #MarketFriday by @dswigle.
Today I invite you to one of the popular Ukrainian supermarket 'Silpo'.

There is a whole chain of Silpo supermarkets all over Ukraine. But most of them are in Kyiv. Each supermarket has its own themed interior design. The supermarket I visited yesterday has the thematic name "Valley of the Fairies".


This thematic name of the supermarket is not accidental, as it is located on a meadow of pine forest near Kyiv.

I was so focused on finding products and on the prices that I forgot to take pictures of the fabulous interior design of the trading floor. I'll do it next time. But I will allow myself to use only two images with the interior of the supermarket with reference to the official source.



So, I looked at the prices and tried to fill my bag so that the total cost of the selected products did not exceed $ 10.

img_20220604_113757_1 Bananas $ 1.2 per 1 kg

Of course, in general, I spent a lot more money on shopping. Discounts! They are always tempting! But everything I buy at a discount is only healthy food. I am a fan of organic food in general. So, the Healthy Food in Silpo tempts me the most.

Often in this department of the supermarket I buy organic berry pastes and organic cereals made in Ukraine, as well as a variety of organic flour from the Bulgarian brand 'Dragon Superfoods'.


And most of all I love in this supermarket the department with local craft cheeses.


I try to support Ukrainian producers, especially small food brands of Ukrainian farmers. Because these products are very high quality, always fresh, but expensive.

img_20220604_111709_1 Seasonal farm asparagus $ 3.8 per 450 g

So, what can I buy in a Ukrainian supermarket for $ 10? Look in this picture.


Here is my list: a pack of organic cereal (400 g for 80 cents), 2 yellow tomatoes for 70 cents, 500 g of red tomatoes for $ 1.1, a package of tuna for salad for $ 1.1, 600 g of bananas for $ 1, one red pepper for 65 cents, farm cheese ($ 2 for 170 grams), 300 grams of mushrooms for $ 1.2, one grapefruit for 40 cents, one orange for 25 cents, 500 grams of carrots for 40 cents, oat milk, package of 250 ml for 40 cents. (Total: $ 10).

I don't know if the world's supermarkets practice this, but in the Silpo's check you can read the one wishes, personal for you. I really like this idea.

img_20220604_155208 "It is important to be a human!" — was written in my check.

I am very impressed by this wish in the check. It sounds so relevant during the war in my country. However, I believe that the world full of good people. So, on this note I will end my post.

Thank you for your visit! Have a nice day everyone!

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