Market Friday: HEMP FACTOR (boutique-cafe) in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Hello everyone!
Today is #MarketFriday, a project hosted by @dswigle (Denise), and I would like to share my thoughts and some of the photos I took at HEMP FACTOR (boutique-cafe) in Kyiv.

This boutique-cafe appeared in the center of Kyiv relatively recently. I passed by this boutique for a month, curiously looking into its windows, and finally I dared to go inside.

I'll be honest right away, I haven't gone shopping in a long time. Especially to shops where you can buy clothes or some nice home decor. Today I visited a new little boutique-cafe near my office that sells hemp products, including home textiles, cosmetics, clothing, as well as the coffee with hemp seeds and tonic drinks.

Once upon a time, Ukrainians grew hemp on their homesteads, wove hemp cloth, made clothes, milled flour, and stuffed pillows with hemp husks. Therefore, it was a traditional plant for us to grow. A few years ago, certified hemp cultivation was resumed in Ukraine, which contributed to the emergence of local brands of clothing and home textiles made from hemp.

Men's hemp fiber shoes cost $45 -$60 per pair

A pair of socks costs $1.50-$2

Wow! Essential coffee insoles are something very original. Probably, I will buy them for myself in the fall. The essential coffee insoles are completely ecological (recycle-based and recyclable), suppresses bacterias, perfectly absorbs sweat, fights odors. "Healthy Feet, Healthy Planet!". Made in Ukraine. Price for my size is $8.50

Of course, I was most interested in home textiles. But the prices for it bite a little. ๐Ÿคจ One 100% hemp pillowcase costs $15. It is expensive for me now. I was also interested in a hemp toy. Unfortunately, this panther toy is not for sale. ๐Ÿ™

I lingered a bit near the shelf of massage candles with hemp oil. The price of one such candle is $14. But I was not tempted to buy, at least today. So...

I approached to the shelf with drinks. Coffee and kombucha. What to choose? ๐Ÿค” "Coffee is somehow mundane," - I thought. And I bought kombucha! But not the usual one, but with hemp seeds. $1.50 per bottle, and it was a great choice to start the last day of work this week. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thank you for stopping by! Have a Great Weekend!

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