Market Friday: Shopping for Golden Morn and Yughourt at Market Square.

I am delighted to make my very first posts in the Market Friday community. I love shopping and Friday has been a day I long set out for buying a few things. So when I saw this community, I knew I have something for it.

Market Square is probably the biggest shopping mall in my city Aba, Nigeria. When you step into the mall, there are too many things to buy. You just have to go for what you need. As I walked into the mall compound, I had to take a picture to show the name of the shopping mall as you can see below:

Once inside Market Square shopping mall, you will appreciate the size of the facility. There are tall shelves used to display products. And when you look up, you will see a sign post indicate the category of goods you will find in that section. The first category is bakery and related products as you can see below. You will find everything from baking powder to floor and all bakery ingredients.

I had to just capture the above image and move on to the next section. After all, I have no need of any bakery products. The next section features a lot of different brands of oil. In Nigeria here, palm oil is a popular product and a daily need. So it was not surprising to see lots of palm oil nicely packaged in plastic bottles and displayed. Ofcourse, you will also see groundnut oil, bean seed oil, and many other categories of oil. The sizes very from small bottles to very large gallons. You buy what you need.

After the section for oil comes the section for soft drinks. Of course you know the popular brands will definitely dominate this row. You have Pepsi and coca cola products everywhere. There are also some local brands that are emerging to compete with established names. All of them are nicely displayed in this section of the mall. A lot of people love and buy soft drinks. On this shopping trip, I had not bought any at all. I continued to the next section of the mall.

There is also a section for all types of body cream and lotion. Both lotion for all ages including for adults, kids and even people with special skin types. This section is also home to all types of toys and games equipments. Baby powder, deodrant and perfumes are also housed here. Immediately after this section the next one is where I saw pre-packaged food.

The next section was where I got the two items I purchased. Remember it is the section for all types of pre-packaged food. So I picked Golden Mourn and Hollandia Yoghurt. It did not take me long to leave the section and head over to the check out area.

I waited briefly for the goods to be recorded. The Nestle Goden Morn was sold for NGN970 (About 2.2 Hive) and the Hollandia Ypghurt was NGN460 (About 1.0 Hive). I paid and had my receipt before leaving the mall quickly. You can see the goods inside my shopping cart. I also uploaded the receipt I was issued after i made payment.

Rating of my Shopping experience.

Like I said above, Market Square is one of the biggest shopping malls in my city. But in facility size and the amount of goods sold, they remain at the top of the chart. I would like to rate my shopping experience at this mall with 4 criteria:

  • Shopping environment: Excellent. This is one area they thrive and do well more than others. They have a very large space for packing vehicles. No matter the amount of shoppers that come at the same time, there is a space for everyone. Inside the shopping mall proper, everything is neatly arranged, with enough spaces between the shelves and people. The checkout area is separated from the actual shopping area and they even have a restaurant in case you are hungry. I would say excellent for shopping environment.

  • Quality of Goods: I am yet to buy any fake goods from this mall. I have been their customer for 3 years now. They deal with real brands. So you are almost assured of quality goods for your shopping experience.

  • Pricing: Very Competitive. The difference between their pricing and that of small shops along the street is very negligible. I compare prices regularly and I can say its really cool paying almost the same rate here as you would have it elsewhere.

  • Customer Service: Very good. There is always someone to attend to your needs. If you have a question to ask, or maybe finding it hard to locate something, there are workers on hand too put you through.


Market Square is a nice place to shop for anything. No one gets it right 100%, but I have always been impressed by the quality of services here. I would be glad to recommend Market Square to anyone.

#MarketFriday by @dswigle

Note: All Images are original and captured from my Infinix S5 Mobile Device

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