Market Friday met me at a roadside

It’s so lovely to participate in this week market Friday and for this market Friday I went to an Hausa man (a tribe in Nigeria who are the best sellers in tomatoes and pepper or let me say who sells agricultural products because there soil are good and fertile) by the roadside along fate area in Ilorin metropolis and he is my customers that is where I usually buy tomatoes and peppers and he already how what I want and how much pepper and tomatoes I usually buy and that is #700 ($0.93) that is with grinding also.

And later after I bought the pepper I saw the jute leaf which is also useful and I went across the street just adjacent to where i bought pepper to buy pomo which is cow skin is very cheap and avoidable then I bought half kilo of chicken which cost #1200 ($1.6) alongside when going home .

I was able to prepare a delicious dinner with the soup .

Thanks for checking out my blog

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