Buying Goborro vaccine for my birds at two weeks old

The birds are two month old and there are some vaccine birds usually receive every week. Since they are two weeks old they are to receive Goborro vaccine and it meant to prevent them from diseases.

I bought 100 doses though it comes with different doses like 200doses, 500doses,1000doses. It depends on the number of birds that one will know how many doses to use. I have less than 50birds so I bought 100dose.

I only know two places that they use sell this kind of vaccine but this one where I bought it is the biggest of them. And the place is far so I prefer to go to Aramokeye veterinary store. And the place where is located is a very good place I will say it is a central place where people can easily get and even with transportation.

I bought the 100dose at #750 ($1) and with the transport fare is #400 ($1.53).

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