Market Friday – Fish Market

It was late when we went to the Fish Market. We expected to find empty stalls, but we had a lot of options to choose from. All the stalls were open and the seafood was fresh.

This is a new fish market and does not feel like a fish market at all. Although the new fish market is here for a couple of years now, this is the first time I visited the market. The seafood is fresh and the stalls sell the daily catch. The options are many here.

Previously, I would go to the old fish market. And the catch was fresh, but since that was an open market, you had to go early in the day to get fresh fish. Once you buy the fish, you can get the fish cleaned and prepped for you at the cleaning section. In the new fish market too, it is maintained absolutely clean as well.

The options are much more than what you get in the supermarkets. I went to the market to get shrimps. Well, I know I can get shrimps at the supermarket, but I wanted to get the shrimps cleaned and deveined: a task I don’t look forward to.

But it was hard to resist not leaving with more than just what I came to get. We bought a kilo of shrimps and king fish. And we only paid half of what we would pay for in the supermarkets. And might I add, it was fresher.

In total, we spent 20 AED for the shrimps, 15 AED for the fish. And for the cleaning and deveining of the fish, we spent 10 minutes and 10 AED. There is an option to get them marinated and seasoned as well, but we decided to marinate the fish at home.

It was a good market day for us. And I hope to go to this market once a month and buy seafood for the month.

This post is written for the #MarketFriday initiative by @dswigle

Thank you for reading.

All photos are my own and shot on a mobile.

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