The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (Mexico IV)

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It's Friday and we can delight in the days ahead and also share some different places we have been. So we return to the #MarketFriday community hosted by @dswingle to share an interesting visit, again to a museum.

Because in my last posts I talk about my trip to Mexico, we have already visited some places, but in the last one I have talked about an urban forest in the city, the Forest of Chapultepec in which we found many curious and interesting things, but I didn't mention one of them, the museum. There is a museum inside the immense park.

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

I think it is a highly recommended visit especially for those people who like to see museums when they travel, so being in the capital of Mexico I definitely recommend this one. Because it is a great museum in a special and beautiful environment, and it also has a lot to see, a lot to learn and have a fun time on, on another cloudy day in the city.

Obviously the pre-Columbian sculptures of ancient civilizations especially stand out: Aztecs, Mexicas, etc. And the details caught my attention, for example those characteristic snakes carved in the stone as well as other curious shapes and faces.

And the representation of animals with expressive faces and those typical pyramids that remind us of larger and more well-known ones (spoiler: we will also see them in another future post). Do you know which are those ones?

There are also remains from sites or cemeteries, and human remains. I must say that the rooms in general were dark, with black walls, and dim reddish lights, which gave a greater sensation of drama, in some cases even gloomy, and the light to make the photos worse, but the atmosphere was really impressive, which is surely the important thing.

There are also reconstructions and simulations of what those towns would be like, with figures evoking a real and everyday moment and that makes it easier for us to imagine what their lives were like. Lots of surprising and fascinating material.

Although the most beautiful and fascinating piece for me or my favorite is a beautiful colorful sculpture, as if it were a great amulet or sacred symbol, it reminds me of a kind of more elaborate "tree of life", and I think that it has a really unique value, right?

And also there are some sculptures in exterior patios as well, especially some belonging to much larger ancient buildings, possibly sacred temples dedicated to their gods and their vestiges remained there. Impressive to be able to be there close and even sit down and see details and more details again.

There is so much to see, as in so many museums, but now we go back outside, and before leaving we also look at the building's own architecture (modern in this case) and we are surprised that water falls from a giant column. A really original fountain that is attached to a pond, totally unexpected in which we found some fish and I think they were carp, but it was not so easy to take some photos of them…

In general, Mexico City is a capital full of culture, there is much more to see and some of its most representative museums are like this one, but there are some others that are practically outdoors because they are new deposits that are found in situ , and I was also able to visit one of them in the heart of the city (let's see if I share it also here), because underneath there is a lot of history perhaps still to be discovered...

Thanks for reading! Have an interesting and great day.

Ciudad de México, Mexico 🇲🇽❤️ America

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