Let's enjoy a market day

Hello everyone! It's finally Friday, time to think about other tasks, rest, enjoy or do something different from what we usually do in our day to day. But every day we have to eat, so we need food, buy food, and usually we rush to the supermarket. Although if we can, why not escape and experience a market day? #MarketFriday is a cool initiative hosted by @dswigle and I gladly join it!

An open market, natural, the usual, of healthy, fresh and full of life products, with less plastic. A close space also full of people, but with direct, humble, close people, and who go at a different pace. One more among many in Spain.

The rhythm of the shouts with the prices on offer, with an assortment of a new fruit now in season, with the murmur of people asking for their turn to order, and of the crowd that crowds at some stall or passes by looking and commenting on how good everything seems.

We go through different stalls, covered with awnings because even in this month of October, in the middle of autumn, it's hot, it's still hot and they're still selling summer products, do you still want melons? There are loads. Also peaches and countless other fruits, in addition to the ever-present lettuce, accompanied by tomatoes. We wouldn't know how to live without tomatoes, at least me.

But at the same time, new fruits and vegetables are coming, those other foods of the season we are in, I love pomegranates, and now we can buy them. We also find sweet potatoes, which I also like very much, that sweet flavor that can be accompanied in a main dish or even a dessert, as versatile as pumpkins can be, it is its star month, soon Halloween.

Nor do we forget about aubergines, and we find them in different shapes and colors, darker, more purple, and lighter, even white I have come to see, although not now...

And we keep walking, we go round and round, there is a part beyond, under more awnings where they also sell clothes, accessories, kitchen items, endless other things. There is almost everything for almost everyone.

So many people who are carrying their bags, some filling their small shopping cars, because they buy differently, they buy more quantity, all this, at a very good price. And then we think of supermarket labels, products packaged with plastics, preserved with chemicals, shipped from distant countries, and we feel sorry for our environment and our countryside.

We take advantage of these sunny market days to eat well, healthier, a good quantity at a good price, reconnecting with the reality that surrounds us, with authentic life, the usual moments, real people. With a simple, but different, unique atmosphere that we enjoy pleasantly and that excites all our senses. Suddenly a seller gives us something to try, we want to take more with us. It's okay, we'll be back, another Friday, another Thursday or another Saturday, any day that is a market day.

Thanks for reading! Have a good and pleasant day.


The text is totally mine, by ©Duvinca
and all the photos are mine too!

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