Market Friday | Damn! Things are really expensive

Hello everyone!
How are you doing today?
It's Friday and we gonna shops for the weekend.
Yeah, no more junks!
It is #MarketFriday by @dswigle! and you can pay her a visit by clicking on this link.
For the weekend, I went to Itam marketing Uyo, located in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.
Right here in the market, I got so shocked on noticing the rapid increase in the prices of all food commodities.
This is really really annoying.
Just few weeks ago, I bought half Kilo of pepper at a price equivalent to $1.7 and now, it's currently $3 and not negotiable.
The product is even getting scares by the day to the extent that people selling it were just few and with less products or varieties to sell.



I passed by to the fish and aquatic product lane, lol.
Maybe I was late for the show. I couldn't price it because I it was a different ball game entirely.

Dried fish was something else.
I bought a stack at $7 and never wanted to buy again.

Crayfish is still stable, even with the high rate of rainfall and disappearance of some of the major dealers in the game.

Meat skin only increased in price by 3% and it's not cost effective for most people.

Thank you so much for observing today with me via this post.
Thanks too to @dswigle for initiating such an awesome avenue for the whole world to share their market Friday experience.


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