A Visit at My Parent's Humble Farm

Perhaps one of the most laborious household chores for me on a daily basis is cooking. And who said cooking is easy? It needs planning and budgeting and the cooking itself needs effort and time and great cooking skills to be able to provide delicious food to the family.

When my sluggish self takes over me, I opt to look for a 5-minute preparation-to-cooking recipe. One of the easiest to prepare is egg recipe whether boiled, scrambled, or sunny side up.

When I am out of stock of eggs, I would visit my parent's place to buy some. My parents run a small farm.

I visited my parent's farm the last time I went there to buy some eggs. My parents are already senior citizens and one thing that keeps them occupied is their little farm. It also helps them earn for their daily needs. They have vegetable gardens, poultry, and livestock.

I need to walk through this grassy area to get to the farm which is just opposite their house. Usually, when it rains hard, this area gets flooded and my father has to go through the flood to take care of the animals.

I was welcomed by the vegetable garden, some plants already bearing fruits. They have string beans, okra, squash, tomatoes, eggplants and more.

When I saw the vegetables, it motivated me to start my vegetable garden too. Since I don't have big space in my place, I think of planting it in pots. My father also promised to give me seedlings and some chicken dung to help with fertilizing the soil that will be used if I will have my garden.





I was surprised to find some ducks. I thought they only have chickens. It was funny seeing them follow my father everywhere since it was feeding time. 🦆🦆



These are the layer chickens that supplies the eggs. They can produce an average of 2 to 3 trays (60 to 90 eggs) of eggs everyday. Thankfully they were not blown away by the strong winds of Typhoon Odette last December 2021.



While I was strolling around the farm, I saw familiar faces. It's my father's dogs which loves to follow him on the farm.


This is Cryto. I was the one who named him. He was born during the time I discovered about cryptocurrences.


This is Botbotoy. She is such a sweet and friendly dog. She was adopted by my father when he found her outside the door one morning looking hungry and scared.

The goat joined in the fun. It was sad when my father told me this is the only goat left after the Typhoon Odette. Thay had two more adult goats that died weeks after the typhoon. I guess they underwent too much stress during that time.

Why do I feel that goats are dogs reincarnated in a goat's body? 😅Am I the only one who is suspicious? 🤣 Goats sometimes act like dogs.

The visit ended at my advantage. My father handed me a bunch of string beans for free. I was also able to buy a tray of eggs for weeks supply. The eggs cost me 200Php (3.4$).



My visit to my parents small farm was such a worthwhile time. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. I get to learn about farming, spent time with my parents and bought the supply I need with freebies. Hurray!

Have a great weekend everyone. This is my participation to @dswigle #MarketFriday. Thank you for stopping by.

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