Wine Alley

Friday again! Time goes by so fast... Friday again, seems like yesterday was Friday. I'm afraid I'm beginning to stutter. That's not so bad (as time goes by quickly), except that our days are wearing out faster and faster because then the wait for next summer will be shorter.

Well, if it's Friday, it's #MarketFriday by @dswigle. This an invitation to expose here our joy of seeing, exploring, and choosing what's beautiful and interesting around us but also our regret that sometimes our money runs out of our wallet.

I don't know how to write fiction, I'm just a storyteller of true events that I've been a part of. More recent or older events. Older events help me to be, without my will, closer to fiction. For this reason and out of a desire to be as close as possible to the truth of what happened, I try to recount the most recent events. Such as this walk through the gardens of the castle of Queen Mary of Romania in Balchik, which happened less than a month ago, and which, I think, fits with #MarketFriday!

It has to do with wine because it was a walk down Wine Alley...

Queen Mary of Romania first came to these places in 1922. At that time the land she bought to build the castle and the gardens, actually hills, were covered with vineyards.

After the royal domain was built, wine and vines were given a central place, such as this alley. With a small trickle of water running through the middle and with vines overhead, providing shade and the fragrance of grapes.

Then, as now, there are many vineyards on the Queen's fields and much wine is made. The Queen's wine is the most bought souvenir by tourists and visitors.

On these lands, now in Romania and Bulgaria, the Thracians lived in ancient times. They were very fond of wine, which was considered a god. A god that actually entered the body of the people. It is said that from these places wine would have gone to the world but I am not sure that this is so. I read recently that it was first made in Persia...

Anyway, according to Thracian mythology, they believed that the god Dionysus taught humans to grow grapes and make wine. There is also a connection with the city of Balchik. In ancient times, the waves of the sea washed ashore here a statue of the god Dionysus. That's why Balchik was then called Dionisopolis!

That was the old wine story, a short story, and now I will move on to the part that is more closely related to Friday's theme. That is, I'll show you what you could buy in the area near Wine Alley.

It all starts here.

A few sun hats and then only objects, smaller or larger, of art. Paintings, ceramics, metal, paper...

Small or large painted ceramic paintings, very decorative and colorful.


We've been talking about Queen Mary of Romania, this is what this famous and beautiful queen looks like!

I should also give some prices but I don't know them. I stayed away from temptation. Definitely expensive, I could tell from the fact that
"my girls" didn't buy anything.

But there are cheaper items. These are displayed in baskets and I found the cutest ones to be the little donkeys.

I, as a new grandfather with a granddaughter, was more interested in... dolls!

As I said before, in countless posts about Balchik, most tourists are older people. The route through the gardens is long, it takes many hours to visit everything, so rest is welcome. Right at the beginning of the Wine Alley.

But here, besides the alley, there are interesting things to see and to show. One of them is the stone armchair on which the queen used to sit when she watched the sea (maybe that's where she drinks her coffee).

But let's see how the sea looks from this place, how the queen sees the sea, of course, without a beach, umbrellas, and tourists.

I really liked the stone walls next to the alley. Plants and stones, in an arrangement made by people and nature. I would love that at my house!

This was another small part of what I saw and enjoyed in Balchik. Specifically, in the gardens of the castle of Queen Mary of Romania.
The Wine Alley ended here!

My companions have moved on to the next phase, that is, they have reached the Castle. Next up is a visit, of course, later...

In the end, a flower... #alwaysaflower!

A shrub with a special flower, for which I have made a passion. I also bought a small tree. To tell a secret, I made this recent trip to Balchik especially to buy this flower (shrub, I don't know what it's called, here in Bulgaria they call it "Indian Lilac").




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