Shopping Again

A visit to a good friend ended with a shopping trip. The friend lives somewhere in the city center and I live in the suburbs. I am happy with my suburb, I find everything I need there and rarely go shopping too far from home.

This time I was invited to go shopping by our girlfriend and I accepted, out of curiosity. Especially since I needed, more than food, a topic to write about in @dswigle's challenge, the famous #MarketFriday..., and today is Friday!

It all started with a walk, near the block where our friend lives. A central area, an area of contrasts where we can still see the old buildings built at the beginning of the last century but also the largest administrative building in Europe and two in the world. The Romanian Parliament, the former People's House, was built at the wish of the former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Although this building is the most famous building in Romania abroad, many Romanians, including me, are not admirers of it. For us it remains just a communist symbol, with architecture inspired by buildings in North Korea, China, and Russia.

I remain an admirer of the old buildings, built long before the establishment of communism in Romania. Unfortunately, these buildings, most of these, are deteriorating and even no longer inhabited.

The walk continues on this avenue where new and old buildings are mixed and this is what all the streets in the city look like.

I was invited to see the new market nearby.

Matache Market

The building is new but the interior is not much different from the market in the suburb where I live.

Most of the products in the market can also be found in the supermarket. Prices vary, some products are cheaper in the market, and others are more expensive. The main reason why most people, including me, prefer the market is that we can find more local products, sold by farmers, which are fresher and tastier.
Some products are still sold on the street.

Then, our friend invited us to see a modern shop, a shop like I don't have in the suburbs. It's called Mega Image. This is another walk that gives me the opportunity to see some drawings of a building. I know there is a lot of this kind of graffiti in many cities around the world. In Bucharest, there are not so many and I am now glad to have the opportunity to see these.

Mega Image

Immediately, on this street that leads to a famous park in Bucharest, called Cismigiu Park, on the right side of the street we can see the Mega Image store. It was set up in the place of a big car service, which was moved to... the outskirts.

Another situation, another class. An elegant shop with good quality products, some of them even luxurious, if I think of wines...

...or cheese.

Being a universal store, we find everything from meat and sausages...

... and organic products!

A large, multi-level shop. Moving from one level to another is done on conveyor belts, in a very pleasant way.

On the lower level, we also find the most common products, canned goods, cosmetics and sweets, and coffee.

Really a stylish, uncrowded shop with good quality products. Nice atmosphere, nice smell, nice temperature, but all these costs. It's also a high-priced shop. I'm glad I don't have something like this close to home.

How I cook sardines...

Speaking of home, as soon as I got home I started cooking. To be included in this story, I should say that I bought some sardines from the market or supermarket and fried them. That's not the truth, I had the sardines in the freezer...

Fried sardines are very tasty but they have a big drawback. They are small and I have to cook a lot of them to eat enough. The first thing to do is to clean them.

Then they have to be put through the flour...

Then fry in plenty of oil. It should be easy but it's not for me. Because my wife can't stand the smell of fish I have to fry sardines outside on an electric grill. Luckily wine is my friend!

In this way, we got a lot of crunchy little fish, very tasty. These are the fish I always eat when I go to the sea!
Now I remembered the sea again...

Well, that's how I finished a post on #Marketfriday. A post in the old style I wrote years ago. I was inspired by @dswigle's most recent post. I have to end with a flower, #alwaysaflower!

A rose from when it was still raining in my garden.




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