In Vino Veritas

Wine is also a big business worldwide, it is one of the best-selling products. Competition and the desire to sell as much as possible have led to strong marketing and diversified design. Now even wine bottles have to be small works of art, paintings, or photographs.


There is no need for large spaces to sell wine. A small room, a few shelves, good taste, good wine, and...done.


Customers' tastes are diverse. To be successful you need to have diversity and many kinds of wine. Prices for everyone. Here, from $6 to $20 a bottle.


It is a wine shop but a good salesman has other kinds of drinks, whiskey, vodka, rakia, tuica (Romanian drink).


Of course, the presentation is also important, the showcase is also important to attract buyers.


One of the most famous and attractive sights of the city is the Casino!


The small wine shop is opposite the Casino, next to an equally small petrol station


On the outskirts of Sinaia, a mountain resort 120 km from Bucharest.


Truth. We are all searching for the truth, which is increasingly hard to find. It is so hard to be 100% sure that something is true after people have found so many ways to get around the truth. That's not yesterday, the day before yesterday... it's been going on forever. Since antiquity, not for nothing has the expression "In vino veritas" reached us. That's in Latin, but there's also a Greek version. What this expression means is easy to guess but I think Wiki explains it more fully, so I dare to quote:

In vino veritas, also written as in uino ueritas, is a Latin phrase that means "In wine, there is truth", suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires. The phrase is sometimes continued as, "In vīnō vēritās, in aquā sānitās", i.e., "In wine, there is truth, in water, there is the good sense (or good health)." Similar phrases exist across cultures and languages.

Well, if wine helps us tell the truth, then it is welcome and well drunk! I recently took a short trip to a charming mountain resort in Romania. It's called Sinaia. It was easy for me to get there because I live in Romania! I found a very small wine shop, next to a gas station. This proximity is not exactly the best but we know, of course, that as much as we love the truth, we don't drink and drive!

For me today is Friday, the day I write for #MarketFriday, a topic suggested and curated by @dswigle.

It should be Friday but it isn't.

It's Saturday!

This is the second time I've got the day wrong this week, the first time was Tuesday when I thought it was Wednesday and wrote a day early in @tattoodjay's #WednesdayWalk.

Both @dswigle and @tattoodjay are totally special, kind, and understanding people. They don't mind those mistakes I sometimes make and I thank them once again for that.

Problem is that... it's already a problem!

I'm starting to worry about my carelessness, I hope it's just carelessness...

I wrote this post using a (relatively) new front-end in Hive called Liketu. An app!

Liketu is especially dedicated to photography and those who are passionate about it. I think the vast majority of us are passionate about photography. Some more passionate than others, some more professional than others, the great mass of amateurs, of which I am proudly a part.

From what I understand from what I have observed, from what I have read and heard from colleagues' discussions...

Liketu is made for posting photos and short content. I mean more alert, shorter posts for people who don't have time to write or read much. Because of this the app doesn't allow to use of more than ten photos and is more difficult to use for writing a classic post, as we can do in Hive blog, Peakd, Ecency, or other classic Hive front-end.

To get to this form of this post I used Liketu but did, after publication, an edit in Ecency. Which took quite a long time. That's because I'm still not comfortable with the short form of content, as I think many of you are not... yet!

You'll probably ask me why I chose Liketu if it's harder. Well, I think it's good to have such shorter posts in Hive, but not as short as Twitter posts. Shorter posts I think would allow them to be seen by more people, to create more interaction. A mix of very long, long, and short content I think would make Hive more dynamic!

Moreover, I understand that Liketu wants to become a smartphone app, a photography app first and foremost. If it is made and if it is successful then it will definitely help to recruit many new members to Hive.

I've done a kind of LIKETU promotion here. I did it because maybe there will be more readers eager to see what it's like. I have long seen posts in this community but only recently got curious to check what it is all about. I would have loved it if I had used it a long time ago!

This post today from #MarketFriday, which should have been written yesterday, needs to end with a flower, i.e. #alwaysaflower!

I hope next week to pay more attention to the dates on the calendar.




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