I was downtown again, and again, and...

Every Friday comes with the desire to tell about my experiences as a buyer, only as a buyer, because I don't have any experience as a seller, and I don't have the necessary qualities as a seller.

I remember a long period of work in a bank in Bucharest, 15 years. An important institution in the country, the Post Office, decided to open a bank in the early 1990s. I also worked there and I liked it for a while, the first ten years. I did specific bank activities. Loans and then cashier. Everything was fine for a while, the salary was much higher than what was earned in other places, but at some point, the bank where I worked was bought by some foreign banks. They introduced modern methods and procedures for efficiency and they introduced something else, the notion of sales! Suddenly I had to sell the bank's products, not implement them, not offer them... the notion was sales and the appreciation of the work was done exclusively after sales. I was lost. I quickly left there...

It's Friday, #MarketFriday. Our colleague @dswigle introduced this challenge many years ago and thanks to her strength in keeping our interest alive, this challenge has not only survived all this time but has grown into a community.

I was downtown again, and again, and... again. I noticed that lately, I haven't gone anywhere new, I kept repeating the same walks, the same parks, the same markets, and shops...

Victory Avenue is a must-see destination, especially on weekends when it becomes pedestrianized.

Victory Avenue is the center of the city center, crosses this center, and is the most beautiful boulevard in Bucharest. There are also some great shops, COS is one of them. I forgot to say that I'm always with my wife and my wife can't walk past COS without going in to... take a look. Just in case!

Looks like I wasn't the only one who got bored there.

Big shop, on two levels, we had to "study" carefully all the offers. Up and down the stairs...

I found the ground floor more... colorful ( and closer to the exit! ).

So we said goodbye to our "hosts"...

... and we headed for the exit as rich (or as poor) as we came in.

You guessed it, congratulations!

That's right, I didn't buy anything. It would have been hard too, any blouse or dress costs several hundred dollars!

It is true that the fabrics and materials from which everything in the store was made were of very good quality, they were pleasant to look at but also to touch, but they were not for our wallets. The wife didn't suffer too much. She sometimes buys from here when there are sales... not as often as she would like though.

Then Victory Avenue swallowed us up again!

Now I think a little music would be nice!

Music is part of our lives, perhaps even more than we can imagine. I can't imagine my life without music. In this idea, I thought I would put the music ( #myfavoritemusic ) That comes to my mind while writing. It may or may not be related to the blog topic. All I wish is that you will enjoy listening while reading. Maybe to surprise you with a song you don't know.

More than that...

To make it a little riddle and invite you to try to guess.
I'll give a few little hints!

  • The name of this song begins with "Coz ...." and I remembered it because of the name of the store, "Cos". No other connection. An old song, from 1971.

Listen to the song HERE!

And like anything that ends and this blog deserves (I think) a flower because #alwaysaflower!

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