How much is all this?

Our daily life. Wants and needs. Some bigger, some smaller.

I believe all these are the same for most people but differ in their resolution due to many causes, too many to list.

One of the main causes has to do with the environment in which we live, i.e. country, city, village... and because we want to make known the realities of life as it is in the place where we live. That way we can get to know each other better and understand life as it is.

Of course, there are differences but also similarities, because we are the same in dreams and desires!

I think the easiest and most accurate way to understand the way of life in a place is to know the cost of living. The cost of the market. The market is a good indicator, the basic level of our existence, the place where we get our food (of course, except for those who can produce everything in the household, but there are costs here too).

I thought that today I would not show the market, it became more and more complicated to photograph in the market anyway, I thought, after seeing that I spent around amount on the few things I bought, to explain what I spent in this round of shopping.

Then, I realized that it would be interesting to make a comparison. Let's find out what we can buy with a fixed amount, say $10, so we can compare the cost of the market in different places in the world, i.e. where we live!

How I spent $10 in the market this morning!

Just returned last night from my first trip to the sea I found the fridge in some distress. A few more refills were needed so I headed for the market.

Back home I noticed that everything I bought cost exactly $10!

That's not such an extraordinary occurrence, because that's all I had in my pocket and my rule is that when I go to the market I spend all my money. Sometimes even more, because I have a few friends in the market who can be paid later.

Actually, it's not a rule. I can say it's a curse...

So, products are on the table, and let's do the math!

I went to the market to buy tomatoes. Some tomatoes. These are the first tomatoes from farmers and not imported from warmer countries.


There are some differences between tomatoes from farmers and foreign, imported ones. The local tomatoes, from the garden or greenhouse, are tastier. I'm not saying this out of patriotism, it's a reality.


Price: $4/kg, cost me $2.

The bread is from a good bakery, a wholemeal bread. I understand it's healthier than white flour and more recommended for those of our age, I mean older...


Price: $1/piece, cost me $1.

The surprise and unexpected purchases were cherries. Cherries are a novelty now, I saw them for the first time this year. The first ones to bring cherries to the market are charging a high, inflated price, in my opinion. I can't believe that cherries have become, I don't know if only in Romania or elsewhere, more expensive than exotic fruits! For me, who grew up among cherry trees, it seems too much.

I think they are fruits of childhood and provoke nostalgia and memories. My wife is in love with cherries and I was happy to surprise her.


Price: $10/kg, cost me $5.

Last but not least, the flowers! We love flowers and peonies especially. For their fragility and fragrance. Because we don't have them in the garden we have to buy them. Luckily, I was able to save a few dollars to buy a minimum of pieces. Well, not quite the minimum but I would have loved to buy a bigger bouquet.

To explain a bit, it's a rule with us and again I don't know if it's the same in other places.
Cut flowers are given in odd numbers to living people and in even numbers at funerals or cemeteries.

So we must count carefully!


Price: $0.66/piece ... cost me $2.

A quick and simple calculation says I spent $10 on the market.

If you think it's a good idea to reveal what you can buy for $10 at the market or supermarket then I invite you to do so. It can be a game or a fun... as it can be a source of sadness!


For #MarketFriday by @dswigle




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