A Little Something For Everyone

A holiday, no matter how small or big, can be considered successful if it pleases everyone involved. That is when everyone involved finds something to their liking. I mean, of course, when more than one person takes part in the trip.

Pleasures, passions, hobbies, and interests differ from one person to another and when a group of people, family or friends, spend a few days together on holiday the ideal is when everyone is happy. When there is "a little something for everyone"

I've been in the company of two ladies, my wife and a good friend of ours, for the last few trips, so I was in the minority. However I was in the minority, even if I was only with my wife, so it wasn't hard for me. We decided together that we would each do what we wanted, which is ideal but can't happen...

The most recent trip, last week, to the sea, in Bulgaria, to Balchik. I like Balchik because I already feel at home there (I close my eyes and imagine that the sea is opposite my house!).

On the first day of experimenting with the concept of "A Little Something For Everyone".

My ladies immediately set off in search of "a little something"... Every stall or shop offers plenty of these items, which are generally found in all seaside resorts. What was different this time was that they had access to fewer and fewer places to buy from because the season was coming to an end and tourists who were willing to buy, fewer and fewer!

I, on the other hand, don't want to buy anything else, at least for now. I came up with a wish, but I'm saving it for the last day when I hope to buy something. Something I missed out on getting last year and regretted very much.

Right now, I most want to get pictures. With one eye I watch the ladies shopping and with the other, I keep an eye on the sea. Because the sea is not, as I dream, so close to my home and only photos will be able to reinforce my memories that will help me get through the winter easier!

Next, I will accompany each shopping photo with a picture of the sea. I will try to capture the two aspects of the day... the offer of the shops and the offer of the sea!

Small art galleries and handmade objects, many unique, are a big attraction. Unfortunately, the prices are quite high and discourage almost any purchase.

Choosing another store didn't bring any more luck. Marine Shop was too specialized in marine items, my ladies left the store disappointed, but I got more and more special seascapes. The sea, the clouds, the sunshine, and the boats...

Only a consistent price discount could save buyers' morale. I don't even know what was bought in the end because the sea was fantastic. I think I was the one who was the most won on that first day of my holiday in Balchik!

It was another small example of how time can be spent on holiday. The truth is there can be a lot of variations, I showed what happened with our little group and a little of the pleasure of shopping which seems to be more of a pleasure of looking for something to buy.

What's more, we also admired what couldn't be bought, from the sea view to the small flowers that adorned the terraces and shops. Because there is always a flower, at least!

For #MarketFriday by @dswigle
I used @pinmapple to put this place on the map!




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