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Hello everyone,
Women always need skincare, taking care of yourself is a must that should not be skipped. My skin is very sensitive, I have to take care of it. For me, going to a beauty clinic is very expensive, I have to dig a very deep wallet for just facials and lasers, it will really interfere with monthly expenses.

One of the things I can do is take care of myself by regularly using skincare. I can't stop it it will be very difficult if my skin will be sensitive again, acne will appear on the surface of the skin, even it will make me more mentally stressed because I don't have confidence.

The beginning happened three years ago, where my skin suddenly damaged and very sensitive without any known cause. I desperately tried to fix it with various types of skincare from many brands, until I finally found a skincare that could slowly repair my damaged skin. At least the pimples on my face are gone and my skin is back to normal. But the problem happened again, I couldn't stand the price of the skincare I used in those 2 years, I finally found another type and brand of skincare that was suitable and very friendly to my pocket.


Exactly today, the skincare I ordered has arrived, after a week ago I ordered it online. Because using free shipping, I had to be willing to wait for a week to save a little. Without free shipping, my package will arrive quickly, usually only 2 to 3 days, but because there is a free shipping promo, especially when it's the beginning of the month and there are lots of orders, it's normal for packages to arrive late.

White story, this is the brand name of the skincare I use. I bought several types of products in one brand, you could say this is a skin brightening package, consisting of a facial wash, 2 serums, toner, essence and 2 moisturizing creams for day and night. I bought all of these series with only 205,000 rupiah, or $13 usd. #marketfriday




I bought all the white story products that I have often used, moreover this product is very suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers, so it is very safe especially for those whose skin is sensitive to harmful chemicals. The thing I like the most, this product is made in Indonesia, of course it is adapted to Indonesian skin.

For me, this skincare can last for 1 to 2 months because the size is perfect, especially since I'm really wasteful with skincare, my most consistent routine is to use skincare in the morning after showering and at night before going to bed. I really like this activity, because I can reflect on myself in front of the mirror every day as one of the healing 'self love'.

Not only for brightening, white story also has many other products to deal with acne and aging. You can see all of that on the Official Instagram 'White Story'. I bought it at Shoppee Marketplace, lots of discount promos and affordable bundling prices for a minimalist pocket like me.

Thanks to @dswigle for Market Friday community, Have a nice weekend!

See you the next time hive friends!

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