All Plate Sushi Only 10.000 to Celebrate Month of Indonesian Independence Day


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This time i want to share my day journaling on #MarketFriday, Thanks to @dswigle form market friday community, have a nice friday!

This month is a month full of many flag ornaments on the streets. August is the month of independence which will be celebrated on the 17th. There will be many events and entertainment as well as very attractive discounts held by business owners. For me, this is a good moment to look for discounts, especially if there are items/foods that we usually can't afford, can finally be bought at a lot of discounts.



Many promos are milling about on social media, social media is a good advertising place because everyone uses it. One of the most used social media is Instagram, I hope that in the future Hive will replace Google and Instagram (I pray with all my heart). One of the promos I'm really looking forward to is a discount from a well-known sushi restaurant in Medan, Sushi Mentai.


This Japanese restaurant is having crazy discounts, it's really a good time to enjoy sushi at a low price. In order to welcome Indonesia's independence day, Sushi Mentai provides fantastic prices. To enjoy sushi on the conveyor at a price of 10,000 rupiah for all types of plates.

Usually, all plates on the conveyor are divided into 3 plate colors, yellow, red and blue. One plate of yellow sushi is priced at 10,000 rupiah, red 13,000 rupiah and blue 15,000 rupiah. So, if we want to eat sushi, we must know the type of plate that we want to take, either one will make the bill very expensive.




This is a very rare golden opportunity, moreover this is a very rare promo made by this restaurant. So this makes a lot of enthusiasm for the sushi-loving community to come to enjoy the sushi provided. As you can see in the photo, all the tables are full of customers coming and even the waiting list is so full of people who want to get tables and chairs beside the conveyor.

Luckily I got the opportunity without having to queue for the waiting list. I immediately sat in the chair right next to the sushi conveyor. I saw many plates of sushi walking beside me neatly while waiting for chopsticks, small plates to put soyu and wasabi, besides waiting for complimentary such as chili powder and fermented ginger. It took a very long time for the waiter to come to give us chopsticks, I understand because so many customers came. Despite having to wait 15 minutes sitting still doing nothing, finally everything came with a liter of cold ocha and 2 glasses of Japanese stone.




I took a few plates that passed on the conveyor, what I liked and also didn't want to lose to choose a lot of blue plates. The blue plate is dominated by raw sushi and mentai. Even so, the red and yellow plates were equally appetizing, so I took whatever I wanted to eat. Indeed, the sushi here never disappoints, especially when it's on discount, I'm not mistaken, I eat a lot until my stomach is full. In addition, the price of ocha here is very cheap. One liter is priced at 4000 rupiah, it can even be refilled. Would it be better if it was free? LOL.

Like this the situation at Sushi Mentai restaurant, full of crowds of people who want to eat sushi, unlike usual. This makes a lot of people's enthusiasm to get to know sushi. He said the discount would be extended until the end of August. Come on, don't miss the opportunity to eat sushi at a price of 10,000 rupiah per plate.

when else will I have all I can eat sushi for only 10$?

See you the next time hive friends!

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