Can't Miss Friday's Organic Veggie Market

Pretty much every Friday, I go to the local organic veggie market. The prices are great, the food is fresh, and I even get to socialize with some fun people while I wait in line to make my purchases!

Every Friday at 11:30, the truck brings the veggies from up the mountain. They are "as organic as they can be" which means they try not to use too many pesticides on them. They look and taste great - my kids prefer these carrots to all others, and sometimes, they are massive!

We wait in line and they allow 5 of us to shop at the same time. You take your bags and fill them with the produce you want. Then you weigh them and write down the totals. At the end, the lady will tell you what you owe, including a $.50 donation to the church that hosts the event.

Every week is different with which vegetables they offer! If you want the best selection, you'd better show up early and be prepared to possibly wait a little while for the truck to show up! Sometimes he doesn't arrive until 11:45 and sometimes he gets there at 11:15! You just never know!

Spinach, carrots, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, and cabbage are the main things I go for! I usually spend around $10 for many pounds of vegetables for the week!

I also take with me one of my children to help do the shopping. It's their special one-on-one outing with me - we rotate one kid a week, so each one goes once a month to market!

Puercas are also available for sale - prepackaged and about 20 pounds for $5!

If I ever miss going to the market and have to go to one of the stands on the side of the road, my wallet and my mouth notice! I love having this option and getting to go every week. I try hard to never miss it!
#MarketFriday by @dswigle.

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