Beware of the bank fraud scammers

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It's so sad that scamming people of their money is now a norm in these parts. In day to day conversations you hear it so casually, people referring to it as 'press small'. I get deeply appalled when I hear this especially if it's from someone I'm close to. When did actual stealing become normalised. It's crazy that they're ignoring how ruining someone's finances can totally disstabilize their lives.

They justify their actions by saying they're not killing anyone but what about those who'd become suicidal when their life savings is completely wiped? I just saw a story of an old pensioner who was scammed of his two years savings. If you're in Nigeria you'd know how difficult it is for pensioners to get paid. Seeing that old man in tears makes me want to cry. No one deserves such ill fate.

Two years worth of pension would probably be spent in a bar tonight on weed and alcohol. The old man in question has his life shattered right now. It's so painful. That could be my mum and dad. Same even happened to my uncle's wife some days ago but she was lucky to block her account before they completely wiped it.

The scammers target the older folks now because they happen to be more gullible. The best you can do is warn your parents to be alert and never divulge personal information to any claiming to be from their bank.