Why can’t a person’s true colors be bright and beautiful?

Why can’t a person’s true colors be bright? Why must is always be ugly?


Today I’m here in this community to rant about a serious issue. Honestly speaking I’m angry! I’m very angry right now. My anger right now can not be quantified. My anger in this hot afternoon can fry fish!

Why must it always be the time when your demands from a person are not met, that you see their true colors? Why couldn’t you see their true colors when they were there for you?

Someone always goes out of his way to pull strings for you. Something that is not his responsibility yet he still squeezes resources so that the whole world will not see your anus. And the only time they are not able to turn up, that’s when you’ll pick your useless phone, open WhatsApp and write rubbish!

My friend, if you had sense as big your your stupid audacity and sense of entitlement, your life would not have been this miserable.

The very set of people I want to talk about in this post are on WhatsApp. Anytime you open WhatsApp and tap on their status, you’ll not see anything more than stupid quotes that does not make any sense no matter the angle you try to read it from.

Now, let me not lie to you. Usually, these people come in handy.

When the love of your life do foki foki with another person and you catch them, you’ll go home and your eyes won’t find sleepiness anywhere. When you open WhatsApp at that very moment you’ll find funny videos on their status that’ll help you to calm down and sleep.

When you use your rent money and play sure odds on sporty and Liverpool decides to cut your ticket, you’ll find memes on their status to laugh your heart out and go again tomorrow (Investors mindset).

Or whatever you’re grieving about, there’s always someone on WhatsApp who’s status will at least put a temporal ease on your heart.

But there are some other unfortunate ones who do not post anything useful. They don’t have anything to post except finding out people’s true colors. They go and beg and when they don’t get they come to WhatsApp and write all sorts of rubbish.

Those set of people have audacities bigger than their destiny. Their sense of entitlement is more than what they have achieved in life.

I think the idea of seeing a person’s true colors only when they are not able to turn to your needs is a mere facade. Why must you even see a person’s true color?

Thank you so much for hearing me out. I think I can now breathe fresh air after venting this issue out. My heart is now light weighted.

I appreciate your time

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