Hey! aren't you gonna jump immediately in the new Hive "Curation" Game to make you rich in one week?


Yeah right! good luck with that. You will earn shit hunting for those posts within the whole ecosystem that are right at the 12 hour before the payout mark to plant your happy sly vote thinking you are gonna get the HP jackpot.

I don't want to discourage you. But you still haven't realized that just after the successful HF25, some gaming crackhead in this chain had already noticed the gap and the glitch in the curation rewards code and he had already created an adhoc account in a hurry and quickly wrote a script to exploit the bug and wipe out all "curation" rewards only for him?

And that it was only after doing all these sneaky maneuvers that he possibly felt some ¿guilt or remorse? for being so greedy that he dared to make the public announcement of what had happened and that he found out before anyone else just to try to mislead everyone and redeem himself before the community & witnesses?

Check it out disbeliever!!

A mysterious brandnew account that appears out of nowhere in the Hive blockchain on a day of July 1, 2021 at 03:15:09 a.m. and immediately without pause or rest begins to upvote each and every one of the posts and comments that are exactly within the frame of reference of 12 hour before the payout mark in the Hive blockchain... Doesn't it sound strange and does it smell a bit ugly to you?

Ok, let's illustrate this thing a bit.

"In chronological order"

Oh yeah, this last one barely claimed a few hours ago a whooping 1.423.294 HP in just one fell swoop as a bounty recompense. ¿Isn't this nice? Yeah, beat that hunter!!

This rookie, apprentice, and sudden "curator" in the Hive blockchain started out with barely 2,222.222 HP in his wallet the first day. And now he has already accumulated 6,559.598 HP in just two days exclusively "curating" content. Gee!!

Yeah! "curating", upvoting, whatevah it takes. Yup! posts, comments, bad jokes, farts, burps, swearwords, whatever falls within the 12 hours framework before the payout mark. Oh! and notice his merry curation game is not over yet.

He still is and will remain active and tireless in his upvoting game & curation crusade for at least five or six more days. Yeah, in his immature brain as a video game addict, I suspect he expects only one result. He furtively will try to see until the end who can really outsmart his smartass game with his fascinating play on words. ¡Help to stabilize the curation rewards! ...he has said!

Then, again, are you gonna join the new Hive "Curation" Game to make you rich in just one week? Oh yeah! ¡Everything is possible in the Twilight Zone! };)

¡Happy Hunting & Weekend!

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