We'll allow guns for mass shootings and repopulate by banning abortions

Honestly America, what the heck is up with you? Do you need some scolding? I'm happy to do so!

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Feeling like it's a good idea for every fucking moron to own a gun... what the heck are you thinking? Feeling like you have anything to say about a woman's uterus... What a fucking assholes!

How about you provide proper (psychological) healthcare? Battle bullying? Teach your kids to be inclusive and kind? How about you teach people about REAL contraceptives and provide them? How about you give kids sexual education instead of sticking your head in the fucking sand? Newsflash: People have SEX! Yes, your kids do too, whether you want them to or not. Educate them!

You are not with your family 24/7, so you cannot protect them by owning a gun. You can escalate problems with bringing guns into the mix, leading to more death. Troubled minds can do a lot more harm by making guns easily obtainable, leading to more death, but hey, whatever floats your boat I guess. Is that why you don't like abortion? Because you need to repopulate after yet another mass shooting? I know you've already fucked up by allowing so many guns into your country, but the solution isn't MORE GUNS. Morons.

You are not with your daughters, lady friends, wifes, etc. 24/7, so you cannot protect them from rape. Allowing abortions will give them a way to deal with part of those consequences though, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Oh wait, no... because it's not your body. How DARE you think you have ANYTHING to say about this? And what if this child is born? To a mother who didn't want it? Who can't take care of it? Who's too young, or too poor? Who gets reminded of horrors every day she looks at it? Then what will you do? Will you help them? Pay their bills? Give them psychological care? Medical care? Or is it no longer your concern once the, once removable, unwanted clump of cells actually takes a breath of its own?

How in the world anyone in a 'civilized' country can be for owning guns and/or against abortion is a complete mystery to me. These are basic things guys. Use your brains? But this is not even just 'anyone', it's fucking enough people to make these rules stick! You are crazy! Delusional!

Work towards a better world, don't go backwards.

America: Where we care about life... until it is born. Because a book said so.

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