A Reminder to all the Bleating Hearts....

...that the only RULE on Hive is that of originality. Here is a reminder of what 'ORIGINAL' means...



If that's not clear enough, as some people seem to consider employing ghostwriters to create their content for them to be acceptable, then I have this to say...

YOU...didn't create it. Go to the top of the post and start reading again.

To those who complain about big downvotes or even downvotes in general...

Life is about the balance between opposites. There are upvotes, there are downvotes. No one complains when they personally receive upvotes, so complaining about having downvotes on this chain simply makes you a hypocrite.

To those publishing walls and walls of complicated prose about a particular recent high-profile case of plagiarism on Hive...

I don't see you standing up and screaming out in support of the dozens of young, mainly African, South American, and Asian kids that get jumped upon and downvoted for their shenanigans on a daily basis. Where's your support, encouragement, and cotton wool in these cases?

But there's no list of rules on Hive, how do we know what's right and what's wrong?

When you go into a shop, do you consult a manual about whether you should just take the goods or pay for them? Do you have to check whether you can copy verbatim from Google if you're at school and sitting an exam? Did you not know the fundamentals of humanity's basic premise of right and wrong from a very early age?

To those whinging and moaning about Hivewatchers...

Hivewatchers are for the most part, a passive group who spring to life when people report what they perceive to be abuse. Then, as a group who have been mandated by the community, jump into life and make a judgement based on their own integrity. Most of the time, the community is in full support, occasionally, it isn't but at the end of the day, the old adage stands true that; "You can please some of the people, all of the time. You can please all of the people, some of the time, but you can NEVER please all of the people all of the time." If you would prefer a community without Hivewatchers. Go to Steem and farm away because that's all there is there. Unlike Hive, Steem is in no way about content at all. It's simply about making crypto. No one cares a jot about what's posted.

Decentralised communities are based around trust and personal responsibility and so to finish, one thing that everyone seems to forget is that one person, who has the utmost integrity on this chain has had his trust destroyed by the actions of a person he put his trust in and no one seems to give a shit as they bleat on about 'bigger issues' and wanting a debate!

I'm first and foremost very sad for the fella because if nothing else, this chain is about PEOPLE, their interaction and their interdependency, that's how the whole shooting match works. Reward distribution should always be nothing more than a footnote to the main issue. HUMANITY.

Forgiveness should always be in our hearts but forgiving does not mean that the price of the actions does not need to be paid.

Have a wonderful weekend and best wishes; to EVERYONE.

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