A deceiver once fooled me

Hi hivers, how are you feeling today? I hope you're all happy and fine. Well ,earlier today I am so happy because we're in my mother's home. The air was fresh, away from the smokes of vehicle. Everytime we will go there I feel so relaxed because my mother help me with the laundry and taking care of my daughter. This afternoon, we decided to go home here in my partner residence (proper of Matalom). Im also excited because I have an order that was received by my sister in law to be yesterday and Im so eager to open it.
Last week I ordered cloth diaper through facebook. Those time I didn't think the existence of scammers not until I opened the parcel. Upon opening the parcel,the excitement i felt was vanished and suddenly I feel so sad,regretful and angry because I was deceived. The diaper that I received was an ordinary diaper, a real diaper and not a cloth diaper that I was expected.

My order!
and I received this diaper

What happened today gives me a lesson. Next time I would be wise and think about a hundred time before ordering something. And I was praying for their souls. May God touches their heart and teaches them a lesson. Therefore I conclude the other 2 types of people in this world , the deceiver and the one who got decieved.

And thats all for today hivers. Until next time and I hope that what I experienced today will not happened to you. Thanks for giving some time on reading my post. God Bless Us!

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