My journey in Recovering from Caffeine Addiction

Greetings fellow hivers,

How are you all doing today? I bring good news, I remember sometime back about two months ago I made this I’m I addicted? In this community. If you haven’t read it let me just give you a quick summary of what i wrote there.


It’s about me being addicted to taking a lot of caffeine at night when I really don’t need to. When I made the post, I received a lot of comments that have really helped me in my journey to stop taking these drinks. One of such comment is

The best way to get away from that stuff is to change the habits. Addiction to those substances
like caffeine is difficult but it’s a process to get off it.

The best thing you can do is decrease the amount you’re drinking slowly. If you drink 2 per day, work your way down to 1.75 per day and leave a bottle with some at the bottom and dump it out. Then do that for 2-3 days then do 1.5 bottles and repeat the process. If you can do that slowly over a few weeks you can get away from it.

The other good thing to do at the same time is replacement. Replace water in there instead and finish off the energy drinks with some water. I wouldn’t go with another juice or something unless you have to, because water is what we need to be drinking anyways, especially to help our bodies get off the stuff.

I think you can get off them completely in about 4-6 weeks with doing it slowly. The other thing to keep in mind is you will feel like shit during this time most likely because your body is addicted to the chemicals. If you do it slowly like I think you can, you might not feel too bad but I think it won’t feel nice.
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At first I found it very difficult to stop. The most I could go without drinking a bottle of RUN energy drink or STORM energy is half a day. If I tried harder maybe a day. When I posted about this situation and received this comment, I tried not to stop at once but gradually reducing the quantity I take.


Initially I could drink about 4 bottles a day. At the first week, I tried consuming 2 and replacing the rest with just water. As the days went by from drinking 2 bottles a day. I managed to bring that to 1 bottle a day. Even with that sometimes I find it had to finish a whole bottle a day.

It wasn’t an easy one because this is a habit I have had with me for quite sometime now. There where some days I had strong urges to drink the energy drink. So what I just do is to get myself a bottle of chilled water and drink.(doing this totally took the urge off). So I would do this anytime I feel like going back to my old ways.

Currently I do not take any caffeine related drinks and I just wanted to write this post to let you guys know how I’ve feared all this while after making the initial post. I want to thank everyone that made a comment or lend a helping had I really appreciate it. Thank you guys:).

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