I’m I addicted?

When you read the title you might be thinking what is it this guy might be addicted to is it drugs, Porn or weed. Well hold your horse and hung on tight let’s find out.

Addiction doesn’t necessarily mean you taking drugs frequently and not being able to stop your self or watching way too much pornography or even taking weed and other substances. It comes in different ways that sometimes we ignore and it slowly kills us in one way or the other.


I remember a friend of mine who got so addicted to gambling to an extent that he used his school fees to stake bet and lost, he was later expelled for not paying his fees. As if that was not enough, his aunty owned a mobile money business which he handed to him to run since he didn’t have any work to do. This guy used all the business capital to gamble and lost again. His aunty was so mad that she sacked him out of the house. Addiction is a serious issue that needs immediate solutions.


Let’s take me for instance. As a student you need to study to pass your exams and you can’t do that without learning. And the best way I can learn is in the night when everyone is sleeping. In other to be awake at night, I would always buy an energy drink to keep me up at night so that I will be able to carry out my learning effectively.

I do this frequently and I felt like I’m ok. I remember once having a chart with a friend of mine concerning how harmful taking in too much caffeine is. I told him to chill out I only took one bottle a night. little did I know that it’s habit that is growing in me. Fast forward to now, I’m an undergraduate student at the university currently on break and I can’t seem to stop drinking the energy drink at night. I always feel kind of tasty and when I try to drink water, I don’t get satisfied unless I drink the energy drink.

A picture of some of the energy drinks I have consumed in 2 days.

Instead of me to relax and sleep after a tiresome day, I would not be able to sleep because of the energy drink I took later that night. Because of not getting enough rest in the night, I always sleep a lot in the day. Another thing I have noticed is that anytime I wake up, my tummy kind of hurts.

The funny thing is that later in the night I will go out again any buy the energy drink. I have tried to stop buying the energy but the furthers I can go without taking one is one day.

I tried searching for some solutions on the internet but all to no avail. So I decided to blog about here in hoping someone might know something on how to stop this. I would love to read about your idea’s in the the comment section. Thank you for stopping by.

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