A Doctor's Rant 2: The UNTHINKABLE, Can your Country do this?

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Hello Hive,
I hope every one is in good health and coping amidst the COVID issues. I wish you all wellness. Reading a bit more of this piece may not be soothing tho, because it is quite unthinkable what I m about to say.

What's does it take to wrongfully debit the salary accounts of people without there prior notice or permission in your country?

This same people who have not been paid their due salary running into several months.

Earlier, I had posted here about the non payment of Medical staffs by the Nigerian Govt. Which has led to discussions of fleeing the country to saner pastures, however the question who remains to cater to the health needs of the populace.
The sworn oath still binds physicians to keep the health of patients as a priority but never at the expense of their own health.

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The common scriptural quote, > Physician heal thyself first.

The honest truth is that every Doctor must fend for himself. If one must practice, it doesn't have to be at the peril of his upkeep.

Recently I got news that a few Doctors were debited from their bank accounts by higher authorities.
Before I even ask why?.. How can this be happening..

Wetin Nigerian Doctor Never See

You can't take care of your patients well, neither can you take care of your self and family. It is both painful and shameful.

With all these there has been a rising cost of living in the country, not just for the Doctors but for the entire populace, even cooking gas has become a wahala to purchase as prices are now skyrocketing. The common man is in need of help, even so the Doctors.

Now is really not the time to call them heroes, because .. A hero has a stomach to feed too. So calm the heroism down for now, let there be fairness.
Some Doctors and Nurses are not on their beds tonight, sick patient need them all night long, many have a lot of needs to meet but yet to find out how.

screenshot taken from punch newspaper website

I never blame Nigerian Doctors who find their way to UK, US or even neighboring African nations, it is all man for himself now, but again I ask, what happens to the health of the remaining populace?



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