Dreaming with a broken heart

Dreaming with a broken heart

How do you do it?

You find that one person you pair so well with, and talking to him/her feels different. You always have something to talk about, to play about, a topic to deliberate on.

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More like the highlight of your day when you see a “Hi” or “Hello” from that person. You smile upon your phone notifying you, the reply you think of to make the person smile when they receive yours.

That time when you start developing that sort of uneasiness when you don’t hear from them, the rush of adrenaline to tell them how you found something funny and would love to share the happiness with them, the way they listen to you and the replies they give which keeps the conversation going on and on.

It goes on for a while and you finally can’t take it anymore and tell the person how you think you’re developing feelings for them and asks to see if they’ve ever felt the same for you, you wait with fingers crossed and they reply with a “yes I thought it was only me”.

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You become happy, that weight on your chest reduces and you have the feeling you’ll finally be together and your happiness will last forever, that kind of happy-ever-after thing.

So one day, one thing leads to another and you’ve had enough and decided to propose to the person and they say, yes I have feeling for you too 😁

Your love journey begins with the “Good morning, how was your night” and “Good night, love you, sleep tight”.

You feel the love in the air, the compassion, attention he/she gives, you know those times when the little thing they say makes you happy. Whenever you get sad and call them, they just somehow get something to say that lightens your mood.

Life opens up that kind of a different dimension for you to look at, then everything was smooth sailing until the fire nation attacked.

Something happened and for that reason, you can’t be with your partner, then your whole world starts crashing down on you. All the feelings, and happiness you had and had hoped to get more just kabooms and leaves your heart aching, the sweat from your face, the burning heart.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

You tell yourself you deserve better but you just can’t seem to able to be free of the pain. At night, you try going to sleep, but for some reason, your eyelids just can’t close, your brain is fuzzy, your thoughts messy, and all that.

During day time the world just kind of moves and you follow along following a path you don’t know where it leads to.

True love goings on and on


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