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Hello friends, it's the weekend and I'm sure you're enjoying it.

Today was incredibly stressful and annoying. I really wanted to talk to someone about it that i came to share with my friends here in hive. It's my first time posting here.

We took classes in the morning until late. After all the stress i encountered one annoying bike man.

The typical transport from the school entrance to my residence is #100($0.22), but owing to the increase in gasoline and transportation he said #150. After lengthy negotiations he decided to carry me for #100 and we agreed. Getting near to my house I needed to get dinner and a bag of pure water since I couldn't cook anything at home since it already late and there was no drinking water at home. I asked the driver to please stop and allow me buy something before we could continue. He began ranting on me on the road that I didn't tell him anything. I informed him that I normally do this to other bike men,they drop while I buy something. I was with the precise amount and there was a customer already in the store so I couldn't waste time.


He didn't listen and kept saying that if he stop his I must pay him #150. I believed he was kidding and I answered "Oga please assist me as a student, I don't have money". The guy didn't listen and continued on shouting. I felt angry and embarrassed and handed him the #100 and had to walk with that tiredness and the burden I was carrying. I felt like crying. Sometimes I can leave my remaining money for a driver who doesn't have change to give me, how can someone not be able to assist. I agree things are not easy and even at the expense of petrol but at least he so how tired i was.

I chose not to enter the man's bike again after today's act.

Thank you for reading reading
Have a lovely weekend**

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