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I love the depiction presented in the above graphic. It’s so true I think!

I think we most certainly have a purpose in life and why we are on here. I was exposed to a great thought last year that I really enjoyed and it was something along the lines of “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” and damn did that strike a chord with me! I think we are spiritual beings and we are stopping here to experience what we need to and depending on how we do in the trial that we call life, we either pursue onto the next realm if we pass some type of criteria for an acceptable job, or we have to do it over again until we get it right, or even worse if we do an abysmal job then we are doomed to something far worse and more insidious.

I was an atheist / agnostic for a while in life but then in the past few years I’ve seen how much effort and energy goes into this insanely satanic and demonic worship by the elites of the world and know how vile and repulsive that looks and makes me feel so I’ve gained my spirituality back and in new ways like this. I don’t know what specifically I believe but it’s varied but a lot to do with the likes of Jesus. Remarkable stuff!

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