Writing is dying / Some reflections

Hey friends, I am delighted to have found this community on HIVE and to be able to share some opinions on some topics that people don't like to talk about because they are uncomfortable or because they prefer to overlook them. I don't want to call it a complaint because my personal appreciation is not loaded with resentment, anger, or any other negative feeling. I will use this space to point out some things that perhaps many of you who are reading me would like to express about how some things work.

This time, I want to reflect on written vs. audiovisual expression.

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For some time now, conventional social networks have discarded written content and have adopted closer forms of interaction such as audiovisuals. Such is the case of Instagram, which was born from sharing images that generated a reaction among followers. But just like Instagram and others, over time they have incorporated the possibility of sharing video content. Many consume this type of content because they say that it provides closeness with the author of the content and you can feel its authenticity. I don't really agree, since many are very good at acting in front of a camera.

The truth is that even wasap has almost discarded writing in their messages, with a voice note is enough to communicate a message, that is to say, the ability to write and read is being lost. This trend can also be seen on Twitter. Twitter used to be a social network whose main interaction mechanism was written messages in 140 characters, but today by posting an image or video there is a reaction from the followers, and in recent months it also has a function to transmit live voice messages, a kind of chat room with an interlocutor sending an audio message and others interacting in written form, even with the right to take the floor. Audiovisual content is definitely preferred by content consumers.

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HIVE, like all social media, does not escape this phenomenon of writing vs. audio-visual content. It seems that today what is published in vlog format is more valuable than in written format. Could it be that we no longer like to read or write? I ask myself these questions since, I have seen content from several vlogs that in my opinion lack quality. People who do not know how to articulate words well, pseudo-singers that hurt your ears with the songs they try to sing, or videos of underage children of hivers performing some "feat". These are highly rated posts in votes. On the other hand, I have seen great content in written format, original scientific research, poetry, economic reviews that are not even seen by anyone in the community. So I wonder again, what is happening in HIVE with the valuation of quality content? Is vlog content more valuable than written content? I think we need to reflect on this. I refuse to let such a versatile form of communication as the written one die before improvisation in front of a camera.

Hey, I'm not saying there is no quality audio-visual content, but there should be a balance when it comes to curating written content as well as audio-visual content. The balance should not be tipped to one side.

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See you next time!

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