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Today we live in a wild world ! It seems that the tolerance of humans is very low! One war after another, the human society is engulfed by wars, and in the meantime, the International bodies are sleeping!

Sometimes I think why these organizations were created at all? They seem like financial institutions where the more money you pay them, the more honest you are!

Today, there are unnecessary wars in every corner of the earth, and the interesting thing is that the countries that consider themselves the cradle of democracy or civilization are the fuel for these terrible battles!

Discrimination, racism, ethnicism, attempts to coup or divide countries and their visible and hidden supporters, poverty, etc., all of which lie in one truth: Intolerance of each other!

Yes! It seems that not only humans have lost the ability to tolerate each other, but also violate simple human principles to rob each other's reserves or to provide for their needs!

It seems that the lives of innocent people have become the toy of greedy hands!

In the meantime, the United Nations has been very efficient with its completely new system! Of course, we as humanity should be proud of it!

As if we humans are trapped in a forest. A forest where jackals and hyenas have become kings!

I think we as humans need an acceptance. We must accept the cultural, religious, linguistic and.... differences of nations and reach tolerance without judging each other!

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